Monday Outfit on Friday: Collaboration


Happy Friday! I’m finally getting around to posting the Monday outfit today. It’s a special one — a collaboration of sorts. This ultra chic long cardi is the handiwork of the one and only Ba-chan (aka “Grandma” in Japanese, aka my mom). This is a noteworthy garment for many reasons, but mostly because this is perhaps the most restrained creation I have ever seen materialize from my mom’s hands. The woman’s favorite color is shocking pink, and no embellishment is safe from her clutches. The fact that this cardigan is a) practically monotone and b) devoid of beads and sparkles and bursts of neon — this is sending me into a sort of tailspin. In terms of aesthetics, my mom and I are polar opposites.


Back to the cardi: of course I adore it. And so does K. It looks fabulous on our little fashionista.


The wool is repurposed from an adult-sized sweater; the buttons were also part of the original sweater. I love that they’re oversized. As a matter of fact, I love everything about this cardi and wouldn’t mind one in my size.


My own contribution to the outfit is much less impressive. I’ve been on a t-shirt- and leggings-making bender, because I realized that K has pretty much outgrown most of her tees and leggings. I can’t get enough of stripey tees, and this one happened to be from the same fabric from which I’d made the infinity scarf a long time ago. I’m digging how the scarf makes the top look like a turtleneck. The sleeves are remnants from the Figgy Banyan Tee – can you tell I’m trying to use up scraps?


The leggings are the favorite out of the bunch I made. I didn’t have enough length for them, so I pieced together the lower leg portion, and it gives it an unintentional designer feel. This grey ponte knit is fantastic: thick and warm and just the right clothing for winter. All in all, a very stylish outfit for our very stylish girl.



Have a delightful weekend, my friends! See you next week.

Bernina is gone
but oh, I had forgotten:
El cheap-o Singer*

*My beloved sewing machine has been carted off to get serviced, and the kind people at the repair shop vaguely promised a two-week turnaround. I was bereft until I remembered that I still had my back-up machine on which I’d learned to sew. I’m test driving it this weekend, let’s see how it goes. A lot of sewing needs to happen for the holidays!

25 thoughts on “Monday Outfit on Friday: Collaboration

    1. Thank you, An! My mom has been knitting up a storm, so K already has several more sweaters that I’ll try to share.

  1. What a fantastic collaboration! Are you taking orders in adult sizes?:) That knit cardigan is fabulous – and love that it’s upcycled! How funny that your mom’s design aesthetic is so different from yours . . . I would have a hard time picturing you in anything shocking pink with bling. It will be interesting for you to watch which way K leans as she develops her own style.
    Those ponte leggings reminded me that I wanted to ask you for a skinny pant pattern recommendation. I’d like to make something for my youngest that is more “pant” than “legging”, kind’ve like jodhpurs without the wide flare above the knee, but still can be worn with tunics and the like. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen K is something similar and was wondering is you had a favorite pattern you’ve used.

    1. It’s always fun to pair up my mom’s stuff with mine and yes, I wore extremely bright-colored clothing growing up, though she sometimes switched it up with more muted hues with funky details.

      I made some corduroy pants last year that were on the skinny side (and elastic-waisted, so they were also comfy)? The pattern was from this book:

      The posts with the pants are here and here. 🙂

      1. Yes! That’s exactly what I’m looking for! Love them sewn up in the pinwale cord. I’d love to try these but am not sure how to order the book as it looks like it’s out of print. I’ll first try taking a look through the pattern books I do own . . . sadly, a less fun approach than buying a new book. Thanks for taking the time to link the book and blog posts, Sanae.

        1. Hmmm…I’ll see if I can come up with an alternative. I’ve modified pants in the past to try to make them the perfect skinnies. Stay tuned!

    1. So I got a call today and they already fixed it! I was fully expecting to wait at least three weeks, so I’m bowled over by surprise. I’m picking it up tomorrow — so excited!

  2. I love this outfit and wish I had an exact copy for myself! The cardi is very cool and those leggings so look like a designer pair! K really is quite the fashionista!

    1. Isn’t my mom so talented? She never uses patterns and basically eyeballs everything and they almost always come out spot-on. K is blessed with an embarrassment of riches…

  3. How wonderful! I picture your house full of creative energy right now! K is very lucky to be the beneficiary of both of you. Remembering those 300 dresses, your mother will probably leave a truckload of wonderful things behind when she leaves again! Good luck with the singer ( I have an old one, too, that is very temperamental) and a happy weekend to all of you!

    1. You should see our house, Ute! The creative output is definitely off the charts, and we are rapidly running out of space in our little townhouse…as for my machine, there must not have been too much wrong with it if it’s already fixed (within 24 hours! Who knew?). I am, of course, thrilled. 🙂 Happy weekend to you!

  4. Your Mom’s contribution is awesome! I’m a happy hand-knitter that has tamed her wild colorful ways in order not to grab too many stares here in Munich. I love the long cardi-look with the giant buttons! It’s adorable!

    1. Thanks Adri – I actually love all of my mom’s brightly-colored concoctions though they’re not what I would normally gravitate toward. K loves them too!

    1. 🙂 I hope she thinks she’s lucky. The other day she said, ” why do I have so many clothes, Mommy?” It made me feel somewhat guilty…

  5. great outfit from top to toe. How on earth does one upcycle a knitted sweater? Did she unravel all the wool? Forgive me if that sounds daft, I’m truly in awe.
    And now I really want to see a baby photo of you in something over-embellished and hot pink! 🙂

    1. Ha, I’ll have to get my mom to send me some pix – I know there’s a crazy bikini I wore when I was just a wee lass 🙂 and yes! She unraveled a sweater to make K’s. I guess I’m used to seeing her do that all my life so it seems perfectly normal.

  6. Lovely collab post Sanae. You and K are lucky to have your mom there and also lucky she is creative. I love that the sweater is repurposed the way it was. Amazing.

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