Monday Outfit: Spring-Like Cheer


Good morning! Did you have a lovely weekend? We’ve been watching with wonder as K cuts down house after house of the advent calendar, and now we’re a mere 9 days away from the big day. I should be focusing on Christmas presents, I really should.

Instead, I made an outfit that practically shouts ‘spring’ because the weather has been quintessentially grey and these colors are so cheerful. All we need to complete the look is a vintage bicycle with a loaf of french bread and fresh flowers filling its wire basket.

Adding to my cheer was getting my sewing machine back in record time (one day!). Now it’s purring like a well-fed kitten, and sewing is a pleasure indeedl


If it weren’t for the pockets, this tunic could be worn front to back as well. I used a pattern from this book, which I haven’t cracked open in a while. The fabric is from my stash that refuses to get depleted, and it’s a beautifully soft linen. Who says you can’t wear linen in winter? With a bit of layering, K is quite toasty.


Did you notice all the buttons? They took a while…This tunic has sweet details like the inverted pleat at the front center and a cute little collar. I was experimenting with sizing and tried the 130cm without adding the seam allowance, but I think I need to add a little bit of seam allowance for a better fit. The shoulders are definitely snug. So glad this linen stretches.


I like pairing tunics with longer skirts, so I made this white one out of the same fabric I used for my fake wrap skirt. A mid-weight cotton, it’s actually quite heavy with all those gathers. She loves this skirt. I really didn’t need to use a pattern since it’s three rectangles, but I did reference the skirt dimensions from this book.


And here is an example of my mom’s signature style:


I thought the top looked great with the skirt, so we had to include it in the photoshoot. That’s cashmere, people. So festive, right? My mom is all about upcycling, and in its previous incarnation, this was a grown-up long-sleeved sweater without as much lace and accoutrements.


She also knitted that purse. At last count, she’s made about a hundred of them. She doesn’t hold back, my mom.


The boldness of my mom’s color choices tends to upstage my more muted handmades, but I’m very happy with this week’s outfit. Isn’t it funny how different our tastes are?


Which do you think K preferred and wore to see the movie Frozen with her friend? I was surprised, but she chose mine. But we have some holiday parties coming up, and I’m certain the hot pink number is going to make a splash.


14 thoughts on “Monday Outfit: Spring-Like Cheer

  1. The lovely colors of K’s new tunic are a sight for sore eyes! We’ve been having grey and snowy weather for what seems like forever already, and so to see this hint of spring colors is such a delight! And gives me hope that spring will once again return:) And you’re right – the new skirt looks wonderful with your mom’s cashmere top as well – so festive! Cashmere – what a treat to wear! I can just imagine the creative forces going on within your home . . . inspirational!

    1. We got some sun today at long last, so I’m shaking off the glums, but bright colors are definitely good for lifting the mood 🙂

  2. Different styles indeed! What a beautiful tunic and all the buttons!!! I love buttons, but this many would’ve drove me nuts. The colors and the plaid is such a happy combination…LOOOOVE! Your moms’ top is ah-mazing. Serious! And that tote… a hundred?! Love-love-love it all!!!

    1. My mom never uses patterns, Alison, can you believe it? She just makes everything up as she goes and has always been like that. In that way, we’re also polar opposites, since I’m even checking dimensions for a simple skirt!

  3. I love your outfit (and your mom’s too). Both colors are great for the weather right now. Agreed that is a little too grey out there. Waiting for some snow to whiten and brighten things up! Now if I can just get all the rest of the Christmas sewing done!

    1. I’m with you, Kristi. I have a sneaking suspicion that at the eleventh hour I’m going to go on a giftcards-buying rampage because none of my sewing projects will be done! 🙂 good luck with your sewing!

  4. Oh, how I enjoyed looking at your post! We had the first day of sun after weeks and weeks of grey and misty rain today and your outfit was right in tune with that! You are right, very french, especially with the braids. Très Amélie! That collar makes me want to sew a new washi dress with a collar. And it was interesting to see how K changed in your mom´s outfit, so grown up all of a sudden! The contrast coukd not be bigger but K can totally wear both. She gets the best of both worlds 😉

  5. Love your tunic!!! I think I would have cheated and mad faux buttons half way down the back. My machine is so bad at buttonholes that I avoid them the point where I am about to experiemnt with grommets/ snaps etc

    Wow on the pink cashmere number, just, wow. The knitted tote is gorgeous- is it lined?

    1. My machine gets pretty temperamental with buttonholes too, but these were surprisingly easy (maybe because the buttonholes were pretty small). I’ve been playing around with grommets and snaps, but I can’t seem to avoid dents and they tend to get misshapen. If you know of any good tricks, let me know!

      Yep, the knitted tote is lined and has a zip closure. K has received several from my mom 🙂

  6. Nice colors which do feel like spring and smiles and sunshine. I haven’t sewn in a month (what? Ya it’s been a month!) but that top makes me feel like sewing.

    1. I tell you, with the mayhem that is the holidays and just general cold weather, it feels like it’s always harder to sew in the winter! Hope you get a chance to whip something up soon, Tracy!

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