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Just popping in to quickly say that Santa’s sweatshop is in full force here, and I am in the throes of toy-making (and last-minute-gift-sewing) at the moment.

This year I’ve finally come to the sobering conclusion that I’m afflicted with a condition called Crafter’s Delusion. Symptoms include a total disregard for realistic time management, an overblown sense of crafting skills and a rather worrisome need to hoard supplies and materials just in case. This condition manifests itself when strolling through retail stores and a deluge of thoughts will invade the mind. Thoughts like, ย “Pshaw, I can make that in five minutes for 50 cents” or “That’s pretty cool, but wouldn’t it be cooler with a giant hand-embroidered monogram?” or “So what if I’ve never knit socks before? I’ll just go buy twenty skeins. That looks totally easy.”ย Never the case.

Anyway, ’tis the season to not panic about the fact that Christmas is NEXT WEEK.

I “accidentally” found K’s letter to Santa a couple of days ago, and her list made me smile. She wants:

a big piano (she just started taking piano lessons and loves it. I wasn’t sure if she’d take to the piano so she currently has a little keyboard)

a Kindle (not happening. Santa will have to do some convincing)

a Spanish-English dictionary (??)

“yer picchter” (this one kills me. First of all, are they not teaching my daughter how to spell at that school of hers? It took me a while to figure out that it’s “your picture”, as in, she wants cold, hard proof of existence – clearly someone is having some trust issues)

And the best part:

P.S. Are you a girl? You write like my mom.



18 thoughts on “Holiday Prep

  1. So priceless!!!
    Oh, how I love your little K! She’s onto you, Sanae – soon she’ll start to notice that the tooth fairy’s handwriting is a lot like yours as well:) What a darling girl, and I loved hearing her list. Can I confess a bit of jealousy that there’s nary a Polly Pocket or equally annoying plastic toy on her list?
    And I don’t think your propensity to want to “craft it all” is delusional at all. Between your mother and yourself, I truly believe you two can!

    1. Oh, but her list turned out to be incomplete and she’s obsessed with those plastic loom bands — she wants a lifetime supply…I so wish I could craft it all, but I had to have a reality check today and scaled back ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I suffer from the exact same affliction! Add saying yes to WAY too many online and social engagements and oh my, I’m in deep! Wishing you a wonderful holiday!

  3. Oh, how soon they connect the dots! I still remember the day I realized Santa’s handwriting looked an awful lot like my sister’s script. [insert record screeching noise here]

    1. So funny! I can tell that K is deeply suspicious of Santa’s identity but doesn’t want to stop believing in him. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Haha, I think your condition might be contagious, even across the ocean! I am starting to feel mild symptoms… But I just found a wonderful medicine that soothes the nerves: The Great Biritish Sewing Bee Christmas Special!
    In all the christmas preparations your blog still looks calm and peaceful, I very much enjoyed your artwork from today. Thank you. ( I wish I was a writer, so I could write a story and have it illustrated by you!)
    O.k., got to go back to sewing through the night!

    1. No way, I need to watch that Christmas Special! Loved the first season. Glad you like the illustration, Ute – it’s an old one, but one of my faves ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Hah… Caroline and I talk about the topic of crafter’s delusion often, though I’m sure we’ve created our own nickname for it. I have lofty plans of sewing up this fabulous wardrobe for Ellery’s AG doll (similar to the amazing spread that Ba-Chan magically whipped up for K… HA! Your mom is haunting me in my sewing nightmares!!) by Christmas (so far, I’ve made 2 dresses). I also have a vision of making over this old suitcase we have into a spray-painted, vintage-sheet lined, pillowy doll clothing case complete with pockets for little shoes, and little hangers to rig up onto some sort of string that will hang perfectly when opened. WHAT THE WHAAAAT?!?!??! Somebody slap me!

    1. Haha! I’m sure you guys came up with a hilarious nickname. My mom can have that effect ๐Ÿ™‚ she’s spent the last few weeks totally mystified that I don’t have several months’ worth of future blog posts at the ready…I did NOT get the procrastination gene from her. Good luck with the AG dresses and man, I LOVE the suitcase idea. Something I would totally try too ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Lol, it’s 6.26am over here, but your post had me laughing out loud, thank you!
    Guess I’m a fellow-deluded-crafter, all symptoms are there….
    Good luck on your Christmas crafting then!

  7. nah, all you’ll do in July is buy fabric, notions, patterns, form ideas and draft a few sketches then leave it all until late November. I know cause I’m a deluded crafter too.
    love that clever, rational kid of yours

    1. She’s hilarious! But I think all kids are. I love overhearing kid conversations – the leaps of logic are very entertaining.

  8. K is hilarious! Love her Christmas list. I too suffer from crafter’s delusion. I had quite the handmade list going and only succeed in making two doll dresses for Erin’s AG doll. And one pair of pj pants for my little guy. I had grand visions of beautiful handmade gifts and ornaments for my kids, nieces, teachers, completely with coordinating Christmas outfits for my kiddies. *sigh* Yup definitely suffer from crafter’s delusion. Oh well there’s always next year right?

    1. Hey, that’s a lot more than me! I keep starting projects, then thinking they’re terrible, starting a new set of projects, repeat…

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