Sewing for Me: Fandango Pullover + Stripey Tee


My sewing machine is making funny noises. It started as a soft rattle, but now it sounds like an especially angry jackhammer — so distressing. It’s time to get it serviced, which means I am going to be without a machine for who knows how long. The timing couldn’t be worse.ย But I tried to squeeze out as many projects as I could before sending it out, so that’s something.


This here is McCall’s 6603, view B. The fabric, much like my sister-wife-on-the-compound-dress, is most likely some kind of poly knit, but it looks remarkably like wool. It fooled my mom, which is very impressive. These fabric manufacturers know what they’re doing. I thrifted this fabric and I’m happy to report that my “mystery fabric” bin is almost empty.


I struggled to describe this color for some reason. The fabric looks like boucle up close, with black, white, grey, red and magenta. I was going to call it a wine-colored pullover, but when I googled different wine-esque colors, I came across the word “fandango”. I mean, how could I not use that word?ย Fandango is in fact more fuschia, but let’s not get too particular.


The construction was a snap, though I managed to make quite a few mistakes. I cut the small size, which fits fine, but forgot to add length to accommodate my crazy long torso, and then I cut out the front piece incorrectly, so had to create a center seam (I do this all the time). The instructions have you create felled seams, but given the bulky nature of this fabric, I opted to just serge all the raw edges. Worked like a charm and saved time too. I also couldn’t imagine ever cinching the hood around my face, so those leather cords are purely decorative. I just slipped the leather tie through the button hole and tied both ends. I did the sleeves a little differently by omitting the facing — in short, I didn’t follow the instructions at all.


M was whinging about how I never make him clothes, and then he saw this hoodie and paused. “Well,” he conceded, “maybe I don’t want you to make me anything. I’ll end up with something that looks like it belongs in Anthropologie’s Spring 2014 catalog, and I’m not sure I can rock that look.” I took that as a compliment because yes, this looks Anthro-ish, don’t you think? It’s comfy and warm and perfect for layering. Above, I’m laughing at something my mom was saying (she was also rolling her eyes at my photoshoot).


And speaking of layering, remember I said I was going to use this grey stripey fabric for myself? I had used a little bit for K’s pajamas here. I loved the fit of my dress from last week so much, I cut out a t-shirt version using the stripey fabric. But wouldn’t you know it, I didn’t have enough so I had to improvise.




But I like it! The black jersey I used for the back and neckband is a touch sheer, but it’s not obvious, and the drape is wonderful.

I have a K outfit for you tomorrow and have a few things for Monday, but it’s possible I will be unable to share sewing projects for a while (sad face). I’ll have to take up other crafting in the interim. Like stamp-making. Or maybe felting. Or…knitting…hmmmmm…Stay tuned.




19 thoughts on “Sewing for Me: Fandango Pullover + Stripey Tee

  1. Wow! I love both pieces… so fun. I think perhaps it’s better you didn’t make the fandango one any longer because the tighter shirt peeks out and alludes to the slimmer body shape, thus not making you look too boxy (which the fandango shirt would do, you’re not boxy!! :))
    by the way you look beautiful when you smile. love the pic of you smiling at your mom. Mom’s have a way of eliciting from us those kind of smiles.

  2. You have the best thrifting luck! Is it just you, or does Seattle have really good thrift stores? I love that pullover – that could become my winter uniform here is chilly Michigan. And it looks great paired with the striped long sleeved tee! Did you use a pattern for that one, or base it off an already-owned shirt? I love the color-blocking – isn’t it great how sometimes our make-it-work ideas end up being our favorite detail?:)
    Sorry to hear about your sick machine. I use my mom’s old machine as back up when I have to bring mine in for maintenance. It’s difficult to go without sewing for so long, though sadly lately that has been my reality:(

    1. I don’t know if Seattle has better thrift stores than other places, but I’ve definitely had some great luck. ๐Ÿ™‚ The striped tee is basically a shortened version of the dress I made last week. I love the fit of that pattern, and with this stretchier jersey knit, it’s even more comfortable! Sorry to hear you haven’t had much sewing time — the holidays can so easily get chaotic…

  3. love it! the fandango color looks awesome over the striped tee and i love the contrast tee back. how do you find all these patterns? it’s so hard for me to look through those crazy catalogues. fortunately now i can just look through your blog ๐Ÿ™‚ my machine is need of a major servicing too, just crossing fingers it gets me through the next two weeks first!

    1. Thanks Ashley! I spent years scouring those catalogs before I ever tried to sew for myself ๐Ÿ™‚ Good thing my taste hasn’t changed much! I tried to ignore the hellacious noise my machine was making in hopes of making it through the holidays, but it was just too much. Hope you have better luck with your machine!

  4. I’m absolutely dreading that day with my sewing machine…and it’s bound to come at the worst time! Love the outfit. I’d love to curl up with that hooded top. Question – how do you stop the sleeves from getting all bunched up when you put on a coat? That’s my only issue with sleeves that length (but I love the way they look layered – especially with stripes!). x

    1. Thanks, Laura! I wear a big parka over it and the sleeves haven’t been a problem, but it would be annoying if I tried one of my wool coats with more narrow sleeves. Turns out my machine was in great shape, but just needed a little TLC so I got it back lightning fast. Hooray!

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