Happy Friday + Randomness


Happy Friday! I sketched this illustration while thinking about the poem K wrote below. I have it taped above my sewing table, and she also made that “I lov u” note for me using a stencil book.


Wondering by K

I wonder about the sky
I wonder how birds can fly
I wonder as I watch the world go bye

I wonder about stars
and the planet mars
I wonder how I last
and the wonders of the past 


Isn’t she a wonder? I love that she included that little rhyming aside, “Have a good time with rhyme!”. KCL are her initials, by the way. I know I am repeatedly posting these little notes by K, but I’m just in awe of her developing writing skills.


Relentlessly, the topic of my chest keeps coming up. As I leaned over to tuck K in the other night:

Mama, I don’t want a perfect view of your boobies. Put them away.


Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend, friends! On our agenda: lots of snuggling, our weekly brunch at the local cafe, an American Girl Doll birthday bonanza for one of K’s friends.

It’s the final phase
I need to complete my book
Diving into it*

*So I always say that I might be scarce here, but I just like to put it out there to make me feel better in case I do miss a post here and there. If there’s one thing I love more than creating picture books, it’s blogging.


16 thoughts on “Happy Friday + Randomness

  1. That is a beautiful poem and note. Please keep posting her little notes. My sister and I used to write little notes, stories and poems to each other and our mother when we were little 🙂

    1. I did the same as a kid! I’m always happy when I look back on my archives and find these little gems of K’s – childhood is so fleeting, isn’t it? 🙂

  2. Ok K! How you brighten my day!
    Her poems remind me of my childhood when I’d run around scribbling poems as well. I hope you all have a lovely weekend and the last bits of your book go well! So excited for you!

    1. K and I were looking at baby pictures together the other day, and I got so sentimental – I love preserving these small creations of hers. Wishing you a lovely weekend as well, Em, and thank you for the luck. I need it! It’s going to be a busy last stretch!!

    1. Isn’t it, though? 🙂 I especially found it endearing that she wrote the poem lying on the floor in her pajamas…

  3. That’s such a lovely poem (I wonder about the same things), so much better than I could ever do even now. K’s comment on your chest cracks me up 🙂 Best wishes on the book writing.

  4. That girl of yours is amazing! What a beautiful poem. I think it is wonderful and scary at the same time to see what kids think about. They know and see so much! Do you share the process of your book with her, ask her opinon? All the best for finishing it, I am sure it will be a joy to read!

    1. So right, Ute – I’m always surprised by how aware she is, how astute! As for the book, yes! K loves the book and wholly approves. It was a huge relief to me when she laughed at all the parts I’d hoped she would find funny :-).

  5. The wonderful thing about your blog, aside from blessing your readers with your beautiful writing and sewing creations, is that it will serve as a journal/scrapbook of sorts to document K in all her creative glory. Such a treasure this will be to both of you years down the road! (and frankly – already, I’m sure!).
    I”m so eager to hear about the progress on the book! Do you have a tentative publication date set? So much diligent work for you . . . I know it will be a work of beauty!

    1. Aw, thanks Lucinda! Yes, this little blog o’ mine is turning out to be a fabulous repository of important K and life benchmarks. When I read my archives and see some of the things K said/did back then, I’m astounded by how I’ve managed to completely forget them until I read the archives the next time.

      The publish date is currently set for April 2015! Still very much in the distant future, but I have to have all art done by June 1. And though the book will be in smaller format, there’s a lot to do, illustration-wise. I hope it’ll be beautiful — fingers crossed!

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