Sewing for Me: The Easiest Top


Picasso and Mondrian would be proud of me for my abundant usage of blue and color-blocking. I’m calling this the easiest top ever because it’s literally four rectangles plus two ties. This top was part of my pre-spring plan, and hey, it’s solidly spring now and I’m finally ratcheting up my sewing mojo to make the plan a reality.

After all that body-hugging business with the Lady Skater dress, I’m back in my comfort zone and frolicking in loose, hospital/maternity garb. Here’s what the top looks like in the book:

tsukute-kitai4Here’s the back of my version:


Isn’t the fabric lovely? It’s a Nani Iro Muji — and I think it’s a gauze, but it’s not double-gauze. The texture is absolutely luscious. Light and floaty and ethereal. It already came color-blocked, but the white edges were along the selvage so I had to cut the skirt/lower bodice section cross-grain.

It’s pretty hard to mess up four rectangles, and I believe it took me all of one hour from start to finish (no pattern to trace!). The other key factor that made this effortless was that I used the selvage for the sleeve edges and hem. Perfect.


I get sad every time I see the chicken coop that’s in the background. The former occupants (three hens) became dinner for raccoons, and it just isn’t the same without them clucking around our yard.

Anyway, I already have plans to make this top again with a silk I’ve been hoarding, and I just might be able to share it next week! We shall see…Many thanks to my my capable photography assistant, who couldn’t help but photobomb time and time again. Notice anything different about K?



18 thoughts on “Sewing for Me: The Easiest Top

  1. I love that top, it’s so flattering and it looks easy breasy! perfect for spring. I’m guessing K got a haircut? She looks great!

  2. The easiest top looks like a top with very complicated color-blocking! A winner in my book and very lovely on you! And funny, just today I prepared a burda pattern and made a muslin for my nani iro muji fabric. But I am not convinced. I have been agonizing over the perfect pattern for this. I will probably just go ahead and make a scout tee. You seem to have found the perfect pattern!
    K looks great with the shorter hair, little fashion lady 😉

    1. The muni fabric had me stumped for ages! I was never quite sure how to incorporate those stripes, so this pattern design worked out well 🙂 thanks Ute! K looks so much older, it throws me a bit, but I love her new ‘do!

    1. Thanks Morgan! Yes, the fabric has a thick white stripe running parallel along each selvage side with the aqua sandwiched in-between, so it’s a tricky fabric to work with. I really love how it worked with this top though!

  3. Love it, you look ready for spring! I also wanted to say great job on the Summer concert Tee. You have actually convinced me to give it another go. I made one last year and it has since become a PJ top.! Having seen your version and choice of fabric I realise I just made poor choices. K – Your hair looks luscious. Do you like your shorter locks?

    1. Thanks, Nicki! I’m loving both this top and the concert tee. K is sashaying around, completely happy with her haircut. Bonus: hair brushing in the mornings are longer a traumatic affair 🙂

  4. I can tell even from miles and miles away how light and airy your top is – so lovely! Love your interpretation of that pattern. That back tie is such a sweet touch! Spring sewing is kind’ve my favorite because it’s so hopeful. However, by the looks of your pictures, you are weeks upon weeks closer to spring than we are! You have green grass, while I still have a snow-covered lawn. Ah, the joy of living in the Midwest:)
    As for K . . . hmmm, I’m guessing a new haircut! Shorter and definitely swingier!

    1. We’re having typical spring weather here: torrential rain one day, almost balmy and sunny the next. Here’s hoping that spring makes its arrival soon in Michigan! Spring sewing is SO hopeful, you’re right, Lucinda. Love that. Yep, K asked to get her hair chopped, I was surprised!

  5. Lovely top, looks so light and breezy – perfect for spring . I am thinking it could work in winter version too over the top of a fitted long sleeve top.

    1. Ooh, that would work, or even making this in a heavier fabric to be totally winter appropriate, maybe in a slubby knit! Thanks, Lisa!

  6. K’s hair is incredible!! Love the new ‘do. The delicate tie in the back of the blouse is such a nice touch. It is details like that which make sewing your own clothes so much nicer than store bought.

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