Monday Outfit: Necessities


Good morning! I hope you had a delightful weekend – ours was busy but happy. What you see above is a small segment of K’s wardrobe, “small” being the operative word here. There is a dresser stuffed with more knits and pants/shorts/skirts, and at least one large basket brimming with K’s outfits, waiting to be laundered.

It’s becoming a situation. A quasi-problematic one.

I’m all for slow fashion, but I have a feeling that I’m slapping that whole concept in the face and upside the head (have I written that before? I feel like I have). Admittedly, the pile-up is due to the fact that Japanese patterns are inherently generous in sizing, and in some cases, she’s still able to wear clothes I made two years ago. So that’s both good and bad. Good because longevity is totally sustainable and cool. Bad because then I feel guilty for making more clothes that are not strictly necessary (the necessity ship sailed a long time ago for me, I realize, but I do think about it. Sometimes).


If it were up to me, I would sew up fanciful, vintage-inspired-yet-modern outfits made out of linen and double-gauze every week. However, there are times when I have to be practical. Faced with the increasing number of wedgies K seems to suffer through, I sighed with resignation and pulled out the underwear pattern she loves so much. Don’t get me wrong, the pattern is awesome — if somewhat boy’s briefs-esque —  and the fit is amazing. K has declared them the most comfortable underwear ever. It’s just that it falls under the dutiful/pragmatic section of my patterns like pajamas and long sleeve tees that are fun but not as fun as, say, a dress with multi-directional stripes or a reversible coat.

undies-take2-1So I’m making undies again. I have a bin that is chock full of knit scraps, and K has chosen these below (she said she doesn’t like the butterflies or the gold dots, which is a tad hard to see up there, but I think she’ll end up loving them):

undies-take2-2And this incredibly plain, nude-colored one is also one of her picks, currently under construction:


Here are a few others fabrics I’m planning on transforming to cute underpinnings. K loves stripes.


It seems that the pattern is no longer for sale, but I just discovered that Anna of Noodlehead made the darling-est versions without the front panel – must try!! I also must get my hands on more whimsical knits – those dogs are fantastic! Have you sewn any underwear lately? I think it might be time for me to attempt grown-up ones very, very soon…

18 thoughts on “Monday Outfit: Necessities

  1. I just posted yesterday about making undies for my son who is newly potty trained. Like many bloggers, I did not expect to be spending my precious sewing time cranking out garments that would be worn under her main clothing. OH well, I’ll be sad if a day comes where there’s nothing left for me to create and at least today isn’t that day, right?


    1. Cute! Love the potty training undies! There’s something about mandatory sewing that takes out the joie de vivre for me, but yes, oh well!

  2. yep, I sew for me, the boys and just started for the girls! 🙂 I actually love seeing those little undies on them and picking the softest knit for myself! 🙂

    1. So cool that you’re making underwear for the whole gang, Kristi! I need to venture into making some for myself for sure…

    1. Oh, these look fab! Thank you, Mina! I like that the shape is more boy shorts for girls – K will love these!

  3. I love those undies! Looks like a good way for me to practice my knit sewing since they use such a small amount of fabric. Have you made any for yourself? I’m also interested in making myself bras. I want something minimal, but with some support. I just can’t find what I’m looking for with a decent strap that could peek out without looking like a bra strap.

    1. This pattern or underwear in general is an excellent way to practice knit sewing, Amber! I haven’t yet had the guts to make underwear for myself, but it’s definitely on the list. 🙂

  4. I’ve never made underwear, but I have all the supplies. It’s hard to make myself sew the stuff we need. I’ve been trying to finish a pair of pjs for two days now, but it’s just no fun.

    1. I hear you, Jennifer! Mandatory or practical sewing seems to always get punted for other, more exciting projects!

  5. Since seeing Gail from Probably Actually make some for her daughter, making undies has been on my “someday” list. I”m afraid that they’ll probably stay there, though, as garment making always seems to get in the way!
    Love the pictures of her clothes all lined up in the closet . . . I see some favorites in there! Not sure what you do with out-grown clothes, but if you decide to do an on-line garage sale (via blog), you’d make a killing!

    1. I would love to hold some kind of online sale, but I fear that K is pretty rough on the clothes…it’s amazing how many times I’ve had to soak and try to remove ketchup stains! I actually meant to line up the clothes by color, which would have made them look so much nicer, but then time got away from me 🙂

  6. Underpinnings! I love that word. I need to make some more for myself, too! I used So, Zo’s free pattern and it’s fantastic. K’s wardrobe is just full of amazing fabrics.

    1. It’s a great word, isn’t it? I remember your scrunds! So awesome — and yes, I really need to check out So, Zo’s pattern.

  7. The gold dot ones!! Love them!

    I sewed an old school Batman costume for my son that had blue underwear over the leggings. I just used a pair he already had to make a quick pattern. Now that Halloween is over, they’ve become his favorite pair. He constantly asks me to make him more, but it never seems to make it to the top of my list. I feel somewhat guilty about it now…

    1. How sweet that your son wants more handmade underwear – that just made me smile, Molly! K has been asking me forever for new underwear and it’s only because the guilt got unbearable that I finally cracked 🙂

    1. Oh good! That’s where I got the pattern from, but then it wasn’t there when I checked last. Thanks, Laney!

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