Maritime Outfit (E & E Bubble Shorts Part Deux)

I had so much fun sewing up this combo! My favorite elements are included in pretty much every garment. By now you know that I’m a sucker for anything stripey, I adore linen (both the shorts and yellow top are made out of exquisite 100% linen), and how can anyone not love fabric with anchors??

First, the shorts and sunny top. I am in love with Heidi‘s pattern. I made one version of the shorts here, but what I really wanted was to try this version with the buttons. Her instructions are so well-written and the step-by-step visuals are superb. Whenever I started scratching my head and got confused, she would be right there with an explanatory sentence to clear it all up. These shorts came together much quicker than I expected. I did run into my usual problem of not having enough of the same buttons, so I went with four large hot pink buttons I had saved from K’s old GAP coat. The buttons are sewed on evenly, but because of the elasticized waist they look a bit askew (I didn’t make the elastic waist adjustable which is probably why the fabric pulls)…

I also forgot to take photos of the front facing (and K has refused to take the shorts off), which is this really cool Nani Iro painted-looking fabric of which I only had a tiny bit. You can see sort of what it looks like above, but I used the predominantly yellow, green and blue parts. In sum, I would say these shorts are fantastic – versatile, comfy and too cute.

The yellow top is from this book, and it should have been a no-brainer, but I always have problems top stitching and catching the edge of the facing so I had to do some hand-stitching to fix some missed spots.

The nautical jacket! This is a heavier cotton from here, and this was my first attempt at piping. It was actually a lot less scary than I anticipated and made me wonder why I hadn’t tried before this. The piping was part of the goodies Cherie sent me for the clothing swap. As are the buttons on the yellow top. I used the same buttons for this dress (I don’t get gifts out of the blue very often, so I hope I’m not coming across as braggy — I’m just really really appreciative). The pattern is from this book.

The jacket isn’t lined, but since the fabric is pretty sturdy and jacket-wearing season is almost over, I like it that way. Those 3/4 sleeves make it feel spring-like, yes? This will be perfect for our morning walks to school. Can you see her two front permanent teeth growing in? They’re very impressive.

I used this same striped fabric for a long-sleeved tee back in October here. That top has gotten a ton of wear, and is barely holding together. It is truly the softest jersey knit I’ve ever used/felt and I got it from here many moons ago. I should go back to see if they have anything similar.

The pattern is from this book as well, and this is a 20-minute project if you have a serger (not counting the pattern tracing/fabric cutting time). Even without a serger, it wouldn’t take much longer. So fast! So cute! So need to make one in my size! And how rockin’ is her glitter tattoo? She was very worried about taking a bath.

There you have it! Thanks again Heidi, for the wonderful pattern, and here’s another shot of K’s new teeth. We need to start saving our pennies for braces, we’ve been told by her dentist…my little K with braces – she’s going to look so adorable!


45 thoughts on “Maritime Outfit (E & E Bubble Shorts Part Deux)

  1. Lovely clothes as usual! Did the tattoo survive the bath? I actually found them very difficult to remove (I obviously didn’t want to scrub!) until someone pointed me in the direction of baby oil – simples!

    1. Hi Catrin! It’s day three of the tattoo and even after two baths it’s still going strong. Good to know about the baby oil trick!

  2. Gorgeous, all of it! I especially love the coat. Where do you get your linen? I’ve been looking for some and can’t find much where I live.

    1. Hey Nicole! I’ve had this indigo and yellow linen in my stash for awhile so I’m not sure of their origin but most likely they’re from Nancy’s Sewing Basket in Queen Anne. They have a really nice selection of linen and linen blends. I’ve actually gotten a bunch of linen blends from JoAnn’s too.

  3. Those shorts are now top priority on my make list. The jacket… oh lord! Definitely springy and smart to not line it for the season.

    You have to try out my pant pattern… I can see K rockin’ it! 😉

    1. Your pants pattern is on MY make list, Venus! And definitely give the bubble shorts a go – they’re crazy cute!

  4. Sanae, you’ve been busy! Wow – what a stunning wardrobe ensemble. The yellows, blues, stripes and anchors – so nautical and fresh. So happy I have that jacket pattern – I’d like to try it. I’ve never made a jacket, so this might a good time to try:) And those bubble shorts – love them in this buttoned front style!
    Oh, and loved K’s expression in the first striped shirt shot – she is such a hoot!

    1. It’s a surprisingly easy jacket to make Lucinda! And if you opt to fully line it, it would be a cinch to do so. K was super reluctant to take these photos but she eventually got into it (“But it’s not Sunday!” she kept saying. That’s the good thing about having a routine-loving child – she’s come to expect the weekly picture taking as part of the norm). 🙂

  5. ah! stop it! this is too fabulous. i want all four pieces for myself. seriously, would it be weird if i made exactly this ensemble for myself? just amazing. this is rivaling that jersey stripe jacket ensemble…

    1. Ha ha! That would be so funny, Ashley. I’d want a version of each for myself too, but I don’t think I can pull off the bubble shorts 🙂

    1. Anchors are awesome! I’ve also been eyeing a navy cotton with tiny little white anchors – so cute!

  6. Seriously, lady – how do you do it!? You knock it out of the park every single time. Every piece is perfection on it’s own and even better as a collection or outfit. You’re incredible.

    1. The feelings are mutual, girl. That Boden knock-off and the pinafore (wait, was that what it was called?) were so amazingly adorable!!

  7. Wow! Sanae!!!! Love them all!!! what can I say, Color, design, combination (obviously the model gives the clothes lot of life too!) spot on!! I’m not a fan of yellow, but I felt in love of that yellow top.

    1. Hi Maria! You know, I used to not like yellow (being Asian, it tends to make me look sallow so I’ve avoided the color in general), but lately I’ve been very drawn to it.

  8. Gorgeous, Sanae! Of course, I absolutely love the shorts, but the COAT! So beautifully classic. This is a stunning mini-collection.

  9. Another fantastic ensemble – and that jacket is stunning! Looking forward to seeing what you sew for yourself, too – need some wardrobe inspiration…

    1. Thanks Marisa! The adult sewing is not going as smoothly, but I’m persevering! I hope to have something that doesn’t look like a curtain-turned unflattering caftan soon….

    1. Thanks, Kristin! I had a free day yesterday, so I was curious to see how much I could get done if I hunkered down and did nothing else for six hours. The answer? The jacket and two tops.

  10. wow. these are all amazing! i love that you used 4 buttons on the shorts- i just made these (post to go up tomorrow) and i actually thought the buttons were a little “too” much on mine. I also probably made them one size to big, but whatevs. Great pattern nonetheless. Really, you are a star- and make the most fabulous things!

    1. How funny, I did wonder if six buttons might end up looking like too much – can’t wait to see your version! I bet it’s adorable!

  11. I absolutely adore this combo! That yellow shirt is adorable, that jacket is the cutest and those shorts are perfect! So great!

  12. Wow, I also love everything from this outfit. I also have the book you took the jacket pattern from, and I like your version better, I definitely will go for it in an autumn version!

  13. Just started sewing for my daughter (4 mos. old) and just discovered your blog. Its fantastic! Can you recommend any sewing pattern books that are in English? Or do you think that the Japanese versions you use are do-able without understanding the language? Thanks in advance!

  14. every bit of these outfits are epically cute. I want to sew them all in the exact fabrics. Stripes and linen are some of my favorites

  15. I’m doing a KCW guest post next week and my topic is tees. The stripe tee you made here is great, and I was hoping to include one of the photos of your daughter wearing it. But it seems that you’ve disabled pinning on the ones with her in it, so I thought I might ask permission to crop her face out entirely and just use the rest of one of them. Would that be ok? If not, it’s ok!

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