Monday Outfit: Faux Rompers

Good morning! How was your weekend? I clocked in some quality family time and friends time (swimming! kiddie and grown-up playdates!), and now I’m ready to take on the week.

Rompers. Let’s talk rompers for a minute. I love the idea of it, and think they are beyond adorable and so nostalgic. It seems like it would be so convenient as an all-in-one outfit like a dress, but the reality is that K would plop the whole thing down onto the floor of some grotesque public bathroom (because doesn’t it always happen that way?), and then happily wear it for the rest of the day without a care in the world, smearing unspeakable elements onto me as she covers me with hugs and kisses. The germaphobe in me can’t abide it.

So, the genius people who created this Japanese pattern book clearly read my mind, and made a pattern for a tank/shorts combo that looks like rompers but is infinitely more bathroom friendly.

And then a couple of weeks ago, the lovely Heidi of Elegance & Elephants sent me a copy of her super cute bubble shorts pattern (thank you Heidi!!) so I knew that I had to try my faux rompers idea with her pattern. I’ve also mentioned that the book was from Frances of Miss Matatabi (thank you Frances!!) so today’s outfit has been all about using patterns that were generously bestowed and I’m feeling quite incredulous and chuffed, as the British say (I have a good friend who’s a Brit, and I know that she would find it hilarious that I’m mangling her terminologies). Anyway, I believe this is the part where I’m supposed to say that all opinions are my own, and they definitely are.

Does the fabric look familiar? It’s Stamped Triangles by Ellen Luckett Baker for Kokka, a lovely cotton/linen blend. I used a tiny bit for the clothing swap as part of the cargo pants.

I made bubble shorts before from a Japanese sewing book here, but it was so nice to have very clear instructions in English this time around. It was my first time using a digital pattern, and truly, it was so painless. The construction process is virtually the same as the Japanese one, but I like that Heidi’s version has a little more length. The top is as straightforward as they come, and was a quick sew.

Aren’t those giant wooden dice awesome?

But there’s more! I made the other version of the bubble shorts and some other goodies. Check back tomorrow for part 2…

16 thoughts on “Monday Outfit: Faux Rompers

  1. That’s exactly why I don’t do rompers! The girls would always pick them out in the stores and I would say, “Cute… until you go to the bathroom”, and the romper goes straight back onto the fixture and a, “Ewww… right”, reply.

    Very smart design and I LOOOOOVE the shorts!

    See you tomorrow!

    1. It’s always the first thought I have with rompers, which is the reason I’ve avoided making them. I even considered snaps but know that K would totally reject the garment as ‘too baby’.

  2. very clever work-around, Sanae! And that fabric – it looks stunning. Love your choice of grey for the bias binding. K looks beautiful – as always:)

    1. It’s a great fabric, though to tell the truth, I had a different linen blend fabric in mind, but I can’t find it! Still, I’m happy with the end result 🙂

    1. Rompers are so very cute!! Do you think this would qualify for Vintage May? I’m secretly sewing along 🙂

  3. This outift is stunning, Sanae! I love rompers, but practical (bathroom-related) issues have always kept me from making them. But this Summer, I think I will make some faux ones like you did! Oh, and great fabric choice, by the way…

    1. Thanks An! So funny, I actually thought of you when I was sewing this up. Mustard + Grey = An! 🙂

  4. love the outfit! A “faux-romper” 🙂 Exactly what I want for my little one. With her 3 years going to the bathroom is sometimes like “I gotta go” and then we run for it… So no time to take off the whole romper. That way it’s much easier!
    Btw. you should really start a facebook account! I do all my blog reading from status updates there. I really love your page and would love to follow, but I don’t want to start another thing like bloglovin or so…

    1. Thanks Annika! Ah, yes, Facebook…I will definitely work on that. I’m also trying to get the email subscription thing-y to work requested from someone else…Clearly I’m social media/techie challenged.

  5. I have two young children (nearly 2 and nearly 4) so that bit about dropping a romper onto the floor in a nasty public restroom made me laugh out loud. I also dislike the idea of having to fully unclothe a child in a public restroom for diaper changing or toilet using. Your faux romper is totally adorable though.

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