Happy Friday + Stylish Wraps Giveaway! [CLOSED]

Happy Friday, friends! Ahhhhhhh, we are soaking up the last days of summer before K starts middle school (!!). As I type this, there is a gaggle of girls in our backyard unleashing bloodcurdling screams as they hurl water balloons with frightening accuracy at each other. K has had a most excellent vacation. And I’ve been plugging away at various projects in between summer-y activities involving camping and cookouts and general loafing around.

I may make summers all about giveaways on this blog. I mean, it’s what I’ve done these past few months, and it’s sort of nice, isn’t it? Low-key blogging on my end, and perhaps a little burst of anticipation and fun on your end. What do you think?

Today, I have one more book from my Tuttle offerings. What distinguishes this Stylish Wraps book by Yoshiko Tsukiori (well, “distinguishes” might be a somewhat inflated word), is that the translation was done by yours truly. If you squint on the last page, you might see my name in teeny tiny print.

It was a delightful book to translate, and I would love to make a few of these “wraps”. Sigh. Sewing has been so on the back burner. But my favorite season of the year is approaching, and I always feel more energized and motivated to sew in the Fall. With that in mind, it seems appropriate to do this giveaway of autumn-friendly patterns.

Same old, same old:Β to enter the giveaway, please leave any commentΒ (and maybe you’d want to share your favorite season or when you feel most motivated?). I’ll leave it open until next Friday, September 1st and international entries are always welcome!

Good luck!


69 thoughts on “Happy Friday + Stylish Wraps Giveaway! [CLOSED]

  1. A hooded cape sounds nice for fall. My favorite season for sewing is winter–too cold for anything else!

  2. Fall is my favorite season! I live in the Deep South and fall comes pretty late (we’re well into October before we start needing scarves in the evenings). I have lots of time to look forward to it, and after the humid heat of our looooong summers it is SUCH a cozy inspiration when it finally arrives!

  3. A quilted vest! Not something I have ever thought of making, but now I can’t stop thinking about it.

  4. I’m not sure if I can choose between fall and spring. Both transitions are so beautiful and so welcome.

  5. My favourite season is spring because after a long, cold winter everything is emerging from deep hibernation. I’d sew a cape for spring. Congrats on the translation credit.

  6. I love both summer and fall. The season blend so well into each other- just when you are getting tired of the heat cool crisp days feel wonderful. I have planning to sew a wrap this fall. This book looks like it provides lots of inspiration.

  7. I’ve been crocheting ponchos all summer! Camping is such a super summer thing to do, we are going this week and I can’t wait. Nice to hear that you and yours have had a good vacation.

  8. Interesting book! My favorite season is spring followed by autumn , I love sewing in anticipation of hot summer days and then look forward to warm clothing for winter.

  9. Growing up, fall was my favorite season …. Couldn’t wait for school to start again! Now, as my husband and Iare both educators, summer has moved WAY up the list of favorites–it’s the time that we really get to spend time together and work on our various projects of choice. As far as wardrobe goes, however, fall will always win out. Nothing beats plaid and flannel and scarves and sweaters πŸ™‚

  10. I love summer because we live on the coast and swim every day at the beach or in the ocean pools that our town has 2 of! Thanks for the give away.

  11. Fall is also my favorite season–though whether seasons actually exist in Southern California can be debated πŸ˜€

  12. This book looks great and I would love a copy. Summer is definately my favourite because it’s such a festive time of year (in Australia).

  13. Autumn is my favourite time for sewing, the evenings are darker and longer and I don’t feel should be outside being active in the sunshine. More guilt free sewing has to be good.

  14. Wow! I love Yoshiko Tsukiori’s patterns and have purchased three of her books. Congratulations on being asked to translate this one – I love capes and ponchos and will be holding thumbs ;))
    My favourite season is starting here in the Southern Hemisphere as we roll towards Spring, the new life in the plant and animal world and longer days are so invigorating. I do also love the light during our Autumn season, but am not such a fan of Winter, so it feels a little sad always, that transitional time, whereas the transition of Spring from Winter to Summer always seems so full of joy and exuberance and wonderful anticipation of new life and warmth and glorious sunny days!

  15. This is such a great book! I’ve read some review and it looks so interesting. My favorite season is spring, love the fresh air, the flowers and the idea that I can make so many new projects!

  16. There’s no doubt that I am more motivated to sew in the warmer months. I think it’s the simplicity of summer makes that attracts me. Though my swimsuit sewing adventures might disagree with that. But I must admit that the colder months see me wanting warmth and over the past two winters I’ve undertaken coat and jacket making. I love it! And I’d love to make something out of this book.

  17. I think I prefer to sew summer clothes but I actually don’t really like sewing during the warm summer days…
    Thank you for the giveaway. I would love to sew some of those wraps!

  18. I love autumn – the end of summer makes it warm, but there is finally a reason to wear layers, and think about footwear that is not flimsy. Thanks for a lovely giveaway… We are looking forward to spring and summer here, so that might give me enough time to actually sew something to wear for winter!

  19. coming from a country with only two seasons: wet and dry, I must say I’ve always been in love with the cold weather. There is something romantic about wearing a cape or a wrap if you’ve only seen snow on tv! Thanks for the chance to win this lovely book!

  20. Those wraps are amazing. Right now I’d say fall is most motivating, because the thought of wearing warmer clothes seems so far away feom this hot summer. I might change my mind after some cold months though.

  21. Thanks for the giveaway! My favorite season is summer, I dream about linen and chambray dresses……

  22. That book looks so beautiful! I believe my favorite season is spring. Living in northeast U.S. can be challenging in the winter. I love the inspiration and encouragement that spring brings around.

  23. Love the book, a true inspiration. My favourite season must be Autumn, when the air becomes crispy and the leaves cover the ground in fiery tones. Is the time for chestnuts and cozy days.

  24. What a wonderful giveaway! I’m so glad i live in a place (the Netherlands) where we have seasons to experience, real changes between the seasons with cold and snow in winter and warm weather in summer. I enjoy all seasons but fall is my favorite for sure!

  25. We are just hitting spring here in Sydney. Finally long days of clear blue skies. It’s my favourite season.
    Would love the wrap book, some lovely jackets I am keen to try.

  26. I’m so excited that you are translating Japanese sewing books because these designs are my favorite: simple, elegant, and ever lasting styles. My sister bought ‘sewing happiness’ for me because i too was in a high powered job and got very ill and had to recover over 3-4 years. i used to sew as a young adult and make clothes for myself and my sisters and had not done any sewing for nearly 20 years. I made at least 5 of your patterns and then got the japanese book, linen, cotton, and wool. I made 5 more patterns from that book. I started making my own patterns and haven’t stopped sewing! So even if i don’t win this book, thank you so much for changing my life with your story and introducing me to Japan’s simplistic beautiful style! – sabreena

  27. This book looks so awesome! I adore coats! Mmm, my favourite season has to be spring, as the flowers bloom after the cold windy chill and the weather warms up before it hits the scorching summer temperatures we get. Thanks for the giveaway!

  28. Fall in Michigan is wonderful and who doesn’t love be a great wrap! Would ❀️ To win!

  29. I feel motivated about different things at different seasons. In general, I prefer cozy things like knitting and cooking when it’s cold and sewing in the summer, but there’s a lot of overlap and variety in my life πŸ™‚

  30. Fall is such a great season! It has my favorite holiday, favorite foods and has some of the best weather. Oh and school starts back! Congrats on the translation I know I will be looking for that tiny print. Thanks as always for your wonderful giveaways.

  31. Ooooh count me in!!

    My favorite season is deeefintley summer, but I’m probably most productive with my sewing in the winter.

  32. Summer is my favorite. Sunshine forever. That being said I needed to bundle up to stay warm so this book sounds perfect!!!

  33. Autumn is my favorite season as well, and when I find I am most excited to sew. Perhaps it’s because that’s when the rains come and I want to be cozy inside?

    Congratulations on your translation being published!!

  34. August is my time to start letting fall ideas seep into my brain and sketchbook. I love many of the Japanese sewing and knitting books and admire that you translated it! Hopefully we’ll all get s little more making time into our lives! Thank you, Pam

  35. My favorite season for sewing is winter! And I would love a copy of the book. Love Japanese aesthetics on every way!

  36. Fall became my favorite season when I moved from Southern to Northern California , where the seasonal change is noticeable. This book looks amazing, and I’d love to make the cape on the cover.

  37. My favorite season is definitely summer! I love the longer days and the warmer temperatures.

  38. Such a wonderful book idea! My favorite sewing season is summer because it is usually too hot to knit. I have some cashmere/wool that would make a perfect wrap or cape. Thanks for the giveaway!! – Allison

  39. This book looks amazing.
    I love Autumn the nights starting to draw in lots to look forward to Halloween, Bonfire night, Christmas.

  40. I love the cool, crisp fall air and the changing colors of the trees! Fall is my favorite time of year to do some serious wardrobe planning and sewing, so this book is perfect!

  41. I have always loved Autumn, I’m always more comfortable adding clothes than dealing with heat! And if we don’t get too much rain, the colours of the trees always give me a great deal of pleasure. But I feel most motivated to make in Spring,when the lengthening days give me more energy and I feel ready for something new and fresh.

  42. I love fall and spring, all the nice cosy clothes but not so cold you freez your toes. In Austria fall is pretty neer so i would love to make myself sone of your lovely capes! Best wishes Jutta from Austria!!!

  43. Fall!! Looking forward to that crisp-cool feel and some cozy sewing projects. Thanks for the giveaway!

  44. Hands down fall is my favourite season! Cozy sweaters, scarves, and the crisp smell of a fall day is just so delightfull to me!!!

  45. What a lovely book.
    Fall is my favourite and I’m looking forward to cozy sewing-time.
    Thanks for the giveaway and greetings from Germany.

  46. I like Spring–it’s a lovely combination of rain And warming temperatures. Thank you for the opportunity.

    Rose in SV

  47. This book makes me think of my eighth grade sewing class with Mrs. Fawcett, who was a fabulous sewing teacher. I made a lined wool cape under her direction and then got to wear it in our school fashion show. Looking at some of the pictures you showed from the book brings it all back to me and makes me excited to sew for fall!

  48. I’m a Spring and Fall kinda gal. Not too hot, not too cold. Thank you for translating this book and the giveaway too. It makes sewing up patterns I’m drawn to so much easier.

  49. I love that quilted coat! So cozy. It’s felt pretty autumnal where I live and school starts next week, so I’ve definitely felt my motivation to make return. Hooray for fall!

  50. Good luck with the transition to middle school! For me fall is always a time of expectation and anticipation. I can still vividly remember the back-to-school feeling, where everything is possible. This year i will make new friends, this year i will study better, this year i will join a new team, this year…. You get it i guess? Nowadays fall is not so much about experiencing new things and starting over, but more about long walks in the woods, and more sewing time! Because in summer it feels like a waste of sun when i hide inside for sewing time….

  51. Definitely fall <3 (I'm a bit of a weirdo and hate spring. Super muddy here haha! ) We are homeschoolers so I do a bit of a cleaning and organizing blitz this time of year so that we can start fresh. It always makes the fall feel very productive and run smoothly πŸ™‚

  52. I just recently realized how much I like summer. I live in Indonesia and as many know, we only have two seasons, dry and rainy one. For work, by the beginning of this year, I had to travel to Amsterdam during winter/spring season. I have always wanted to experience a different weather and season that what I normally knew, and although Amsterdam wasn’t as cold as other part of the Netherlands (so I heard), it was really freezing for me. When I came back to Jakarta, Indonesia, I realized that we have the best season and temperature. So, what season I like the most? most definitely summer πŸ™‚

  53. I’d say winter and fall, but it turns into whatever season is next once I begin to tire of the characteristics of the current season.

  54. Not sure if I’m sneaking in on this give away. But we take our vacation as everyone goes back to school (so this coming week). And after a week off of everything and we hit fall I always feel like sewing again :). This would be a fun book to win! πŸ™‚

  55. I am definitely more inspired and motivated to sew in the warmer months! I adore Yoshiko Tsukiori and have most of her books. Thanks for the giveaway, Dear Sanae!

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