Happy Friday + Randomness

Happy Friday, my friends! I’ve been quiet here, there, everywhere. Thinking a lot, reading a ton.

Speaking of reading, I created the poster above for Sasquatch Books for an upcoming event. Obviously, I had fall on my mind. I also made a spring version:

Which do you like better? I believe it’s getting printed right now, though I don’t know which version they decided to go with. I’m betting autumn.

I haven’t felt engaged online for a long time. Not because there isn’t great content out there or because I’m trying to avoid the media mayhem that’s going on politically and economically. I used to read hundreds of blogs and would eagerly scroll through my Instagram feed. Not anymore.

I’ve just been…quiet. Like I just want to settle into a comfortable settee with a blanket on my lap and a piping hot cup of tea beside me. I want to read books printed on paper for hours on end and occasionally stare out the window to reflect. Just call me granny Sanae. I still send out my monthly Furoku (yes, it’s still mysterious and it’s still hard for me to describe), which I love and there’s a little bit of virtual interaction that goes on there that I enjoy very much.

I guess I’m becoming more protective of my time because it’s all going so fast and I don’t want to miss the precious parts. K started middle school last week and I’m watching her transform before my very eyes. She does so much more on her own now, her face and body are changing and I sense that there are hidden compartments within her that I’m not allowed to access, that I may never be allowed to access. She’s also way more hilarious – she keeps me in stitches when she describes her days of locker drama and weird homeroom protocols and assorted teachers and embarrassing moments. Those keen eyes of hers miss nothing.

Anyway, just thought I’d say hello since it’s been a while. Life is good. Very peaceful and oh-so-quiet right now. But I’ve got an inkling that might be changing soon. The quiet part, I mean.

Have a lovely weekend, all! I hope to be back soon!

P.S. I’m doing an event at Kinokuniya on Sunday, September 17th at 2pm for Chibi Samurai Wants a Pet. If you’re in town and would like a custom watercolor of your favorite creature, come on by!

18 thoughts on “Happy Friday + Randomness

    1. Oooh, Corfu! Sounds divine. I went to Greece many, many moons ago and absolutely loved it. Soak up the sun for me, Denise! xo

  1. I like them both, but especially the fall poster at this time of year. Good to hear that you’re well and settling into all of the changes going on around you. Sometimes pausing is what’s required for awhile.

    1. Oh yes, I’ve been on pause for a couple weeks now and it’s fantastic! I can feel the energy building up and I’m sure I’ll be bustling about soon. Thanks, Tammy!

  2. Life sounds so good. I love how you’re embracing it. I’m hoping this fall I’ll be able to embrace a little bit of the slow too. It’s much needed around these parts, for sure. Love both of the posters, but fall is my special time of year, so I’m voting for that!

    1. I’m super curious about which got printed. I’m sure I’ll find out at the event in October :-). Thank you Asteride, I love your name by the way!

  3. Hi Sanae, I am glad you are recharging! Busy year for you. Ilovethe spring poster. I was in Japan for the cherry blossoms and the whole country from the air looked like it was decorated with pink lace! So beautiful. I am glad that you are still doing the Furokus –I look forward totem every month. I find it pleasantly honest communication. My children growing up and onward was not easy for me, I still find it difficult. Of course, I have no real choice here(haha).

    1. Cherry blossoms in Japan are so magical! We’re pretty lucky to have a lot of cherry trees here in Seattle too, but the experience pales in comparison. I can imagine how emotional it can be to watch children leave the nest, as it were…it’s not going to be pretty when K leaves home in the future! And so glad you’re enjoying a Furoku. I look forward to creating it every month! Thank you Greta!

  4. Spring, maybe? I like them both, really. I have missed you! I understand though. When you started the blog you may have needed the inter connectivity in a different way and now it is hard to fit it in.

    1. Oh, thank you Max! A part of me misses updating the blog more frequently, but my life has changed so much over the last few years and I’m really enjoying the slower-paced blog updates :-). Hope all is well with you!

  5. BOTH POSTERS ARE LOVELY AND SO YOU! I would know the designer of them anywhere:) Your style is unique and like no one else.
    Glad to see you are sewing.
    My favorite Style Arc pattern is the Willow pant, because they fit me. I haven’t made one in a long time because no sewing but they have a bag waist pant that is new that I love to think about making.
    Middle School is the coolest…….it was funny because all four of my kids bulked up during middle school and got thinner immediately in High school! and some of my best stories about my kids happened in the middle school years. They did a lot of very normal very weird stuff:) There is a wide range of normal in middle school> I hope you do have a quiet fall season and drink lots of tea. Even if your blog posts are fewer, I’m so grateful of the updates! and the art.

    1. Yes! Middle school is so funny! I went to the curriculum night at her school and I was surprised by the flood of emotions when I stepped into the school gym. Every year is formative, but there’s something about junior high…Thank you for the kind words about the blog and the poster, Annelieke!

  6. I love your posters! We love to read in our family and is there a way to get one of those? Especially the fall one, because, well, it’s fall! 🙂 If there is that would be awesome!

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