Happy Friday + Plaid Tunic

Happy Friday! To me, tunics epitomize the Japanese wardrobe aesthetic, and I’m all about the Japanese aesthetic. That loose, boxy silhouette ideally made in linen, layered in neutrals.

Inspired by lovelies created like this and this, I sewed up a tunic. It’s a linen/cotton blend, and I think it’s rather charming with its big ole pockets on the sides (perfect spots for Rose + Bob) and cheerful plaid. With gathers and various panels, I didn’t even bother matching up the plaid, but by pure accident, some sections are practically seamless. The pattern is from this book.

I also made the simple knit top she’s wearing underneath. The selling point of an otherwise unremarkable top is the notched collar. Too bad it’s hidden behind tunic in these shots. I modified the “simple trainer” pattern from this book.

I’m still trying to concoct the perfect pair of skinny pants but the one I made this week didn’t work out so hot — too tight despite cutting it on the bias. This is her trying to bend her legs and grunting, “I. Can’t. Move.” What you see in the other images are old leggings from her closet.

Oh well. The experimenting continues.

Have a lovely weekend, everyone! So looking forward to announcing the giveaway winner. I have a crazy busy day ahead of me, so I will email the winner by Dec. 9th (Sunday) and will make the public announcement on Monday. Who will it be???


9 thoughts on “Happy Friday + Plaid Tunic

  1. I LOVE that tunic! It’s actually one of my favorite patterns from that book, I made a couple back in May and the yellow one is still super cute on Claire. I have to say, though, the linen blend plaid you chose is perfect. Too bad on the pants, boo! Have you seen the skinny jeans pattern in the go to patterns shop? I’ve seen some cute versions of these floating around but haven’t yet bought the pattern. http://gotopatterns.com/products/skinny-jeans/
    And that shirt looks great! Would love to see it modeled sans tunic.

    Happy Friday! (Finally!!)

  2. And you do the Japanese aesthetic so very well! Love that notched collar – just a little detail that gives the top personality. And I wholeheartedly agree that Japanese tunics and linen are made for eachother! Check out Grayline Linen sometime. Brick and mortar store in NYC, but they have a website too, I believe. Good prices. Though really, you West Coasters are hardly lacking for good fabric stores!
    And keep us posted if you make the Go-To skinny jeans that Robin recommends. Yours look awfully cute on your daughter but I can see why being able to move is a prerequisite 🙂

    1. I’ve seen Grayline Linen on Pinterest and assumed they were a clothing store. I’ll definitely check it out. And the Go To skinny jeans is high on my list of patterns to try!

  3. i swear i would look at that in a store and see 4th of July…but when you use it–somehow it is chic and relaxed. i love your outfits and clearly i need to buy this sunny spot book because the patterns are great.

    1. Haha! It’s true – I wondered if it looked too patriotic/picnic-y at first but I wound up loving the end result. The colors are slightly muted so it doesn’t scream 4th of July, thank goodness. 🙂

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