2014 Summer Sewing Plans


It’s another installment of unrealistic sewing planning — one of my favorite activities!

Over the last year or so of sewing for myself, I’ve become enamored with dresses. I just love the ease of slipping a dress on, ready for the day in an instant. And now that I’ve survived looking through thousands of images of myself and have become truly and deeply okay with my “giant squash legs” as K likes to call them, I’m intent on adding a lot more frocks to my wardrobe. I lean toward simple lines and loose silhouettes, but I also want to try some waist-cinching styles in the coming weeks. I also can’t have enough tops, and if I’m feeling adventurous, I might give a pair of shorts and pants a go.

It’s always so fun to sketch clothes, and I get such a kick out of the possibilities of sewing for myself. If I can make even half of what I plan, I’ll consider it an excellent yield. How about you? If you dabble in sewing, do you have summer stitching plans? Or maybe you’re like me and make a boatload of plans but actually wait for inspiration to strike in the moment?

[UPDATED] Since a few of you asked for specific pattern information, here they are from approximately left to right by garment type:


Butterick 5886: Hi Low Dress
April Rhodes: The Staple Dress
Simplicity 2443: Cynthia Rowley Knit Tank Dress
Simplicity 2550: Cynthia Rowley Spaghetti Strap Dress (modify for knit)
Sew Chic: Dress with Front Tuck (Pattern C)
Vogue 1225: Knit Gathered Dress
Butterick 5612: Long-Sleeved Dress
Simplicity 0403: Yoke Dress
Simplicity 2246: Lisette Traveler Dress (without sleeves)


Modified Tova
Wiksten Tank
Japanese Sewing Book Tank with Tucks (Style 26)
Vogue 1357 Tank
Butterick 5610: Pleated Top
McCall’s 6510: Flutter Sleeve Caftan Top
Simplicity 1463: Dolman Sleeves Top


McCall’s 5663: Shorts
French Style Book Loose Pants

Also, I didn’t sketch this, but I just found this tunic pattern and love it! Must buy!

26 thoughts on “2014 Summer Sewing Plans

  1. I love your sewing plan sketches! I too have grand sewing plans but I’m not too sure I’ll even get to a quarter of what I want to sew ha! Are your sketches of patterns that you have or just of clothing that you’d like to make? A couple of the items look like patterns that I have but there are a few dresses up there that I’d love to know if there is a pattern you have in mind to use. Especially the two dresses in the second row on the right. If there is a pattern would you mind sharing? Thanks! And good luck with your summer sewing!

    1. Thanks Meghan – I’ll update the post with all the patterns/books in the next day or two! The last gathered dress in that row is a Vogue and the other dress is from my Japanese sewing book. I’ve been wanting to sew the Vogue one for years!

    1. Exactly, Nienke! Planning’s the best part 🙂 Actually….I guess wearing the completed items that look good is the best part!

  2. I love your unrealistic sewing planning! So inspiring! A few of your shapes and patterns are on my list, too! I hope to make a Kimono dress soon with some beautiful butterfly fabric I have! Do you have a pattern for the shirt-dress (bottom row on the right)? I am looking for a nice one. I hope you will be making the one with the bold stripes and the first one.

    1. Thanks Ute! Butterfly fabric sounds divine – you have the best taste in fabric so I’m certain it’s going to look amazing. The shirt dress is a Simplicity pattern, but the exact number escapes me at the moment but I’ll definitely update this post with more specific pattern soon (It’s mainly to help myself; I can see myself scratching my head going, which pattern was that one again?) ;-).

  3. That is a nice set of clothes, I like the way the different shapes work together. I’ll take one of each, please! 🙂

    I have similarly unrealistic sewing plans, but right now I’m trying to stay focused on figuring out the perfect tank top pattern for me. I run cold and am almost always wearing a cardigan, even in summer, so I’m realizing that tank tops for layering are a real summer staple! Once I get the fit spot-on, I plan to make one in all the colors and all the floral prints (and probably all the Breton stripes, too).

    1. I hear you on the challenges of finding the perfect tank pattern, Sarah! I’m in the same mode – I want to have an arsenal of basic, tried-n-true patterns that I can make up in various fabrics!

    1. Thanks Sophie! I miss your blog!! Must check out your IG feed, I bet you’re making beautiful stuff!

  4. Whoo hoo! My unrealistic sewing plans are way more boring looking than your’s I just write it all out as a list. I love several of your pieces! Can’t wait to see what you get made up!

    1. You’re ahead of me since I should have listed the patterns – working on that right now! Thanks Em!

  5. Can’t wait to see how things turn out for you… I love unrealistic sewing plans and have detailed sheets of sharpie marker sketched outfits… I have sewn a few things shorts and tees and used them as my first ever blog post! Crazy… you can find the kids and I at: https://kopykatkidz.wordpress.com/
    I have a ways to go so the blog is like I want, but it’s a start!

  6. I so love your wardrobe sketches! Even if you only actually execute one – or none! – of them, it’s fun to see all the possibilities and current fashions in such a fun way. Hang on to it for posterity:)

    1. These sketches always turn out to be helpful, even if I don’t sew everything for that season. I’m finding that I eventually get around to sewing everything ;-). Thanks, Lucinda!

  7. Love to see the illustrations, Sanae- I think I might recognize some, looking forward to seeing which is what since a few have caught my eye, as well! Can’t wait to see these sewn up.
    Me Made May has definitely been a fun challenge, I made Jacket J from Happy Homemade, and thought of you since we both made it in olive green linen 🙂 We must share similar wavelengths, haha! Totally obvious why that one is so popular from the book.

      1. Thanks, Sanae- I really need to blog more since it’s a good place to mention little changes, etc. that you make to garments that are easily forgotten when you finally get around to making it again. Do you by any chance have a recommendation for a good pj pattern? Hubby makes fun of my ‘granny’ gown that I’ve worn for nearly two years, since it gave nice access for nursing. Haha! I’ve been eyeballing some of the Nani Iro double gauze in my stash for a nightgown.

        1. Nani Iro fabric is so divine — love it love it love it. As for pajama patterns, I haven’t made pajamas for myself yet, but I know that Sophie of Cirque du Bebe made some beautiful pj pants out of Nani Iro using the Sewing Garden Sleep Well pattern. That looks like a good one! I know there are tons of tutorials out there too for Pajama pants, and I have Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross that looks like it has a good pattern too. Good luck!

          1. Oh, thanks! Love her version and that is one of my favorite lines from Nani Iro- I’ll have to look into that pattern.

    1. I never thought I’d love dresses, but they’re so easy peasy! I love your blog’s redesign, Beth!

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