Me-Made-May 2014: Week 4


Almost at the end of the month…holy cow, I am so over looking at my mug. The camera has been propped permanently on the tripod, and I’ve been taking snaps first thing in the morning every day, which accounts for why I resemble the undead so often.


And perhaps because I’ve been so ashen, I’ve felt the need to dial up the color factor this past week. I’ve also felt the need to make something for myself for a change. Over the last couple of days I found pockets of time to pump out this Simplicity 1463. I will always have a soft spot for dolman sleeves, and this looked like a painless pattern to keep my sewing appetite whetted. And hey, it’s part of my summer sewing plans (I’ll be updating that post with specific pattern info soon, by the way)!


This magenta/purple/amaranthine/claret/berry smoothie color is not my usual palette, but this was meant to be a muslin so I wasn’t too fussy about the vibrant hue or what to call it apparently. My mom gave me this jersey knit, and you can see that she skews toward bold colors. I’m planning on using a dreamy aqua linen knit (I know!!!! Linen knit), but I wanted to make sure this pattern would look okay on me. I’d also love to make this in a striped knit like the envelope version, but I’m all out of thin-striped knits. I’m thinking my fabric fast may be coming to an end very soon.


I added two inches to both the front and back of the hi-lo hem to accommodate my extensive torso, and I cut a size small but used 3/8-inch seam allowance instead of 5/8. I think the fit is pretty perfect as far as loose stretchy tops go.


I tried the outfit with the ankle boots for most of the photos, but in the end, I wore my sandals and a scarf to carry out my day. If you look closely, you can see my lazy white-thread-serged seams of yet another pair of skinnified jeans. I washed my other skinnified jeans, and wouldn’t you know it, I can’t fit in them anymore. This newly slimmed down pair is on the roomy side around the waist, and it’s super comfortable.

Here’s the round-up for MMMay Week 4 (aka the week of t-shirts):


Day 22: Coral Raglan Tee

Day 23: Striped Color-Block Tee

Day 24: Aqua Tunic

Day 25: Brown Polka Dot Washi

Day 26: Scoop Top

Day 27: Blue Floral Washi

Day 28: Magenta Dolman Top


14 thoughts on “Me-Made-May 2014: Week 4

  1. The magenta color — though not your usual — is lovely on you! I especially like it with the added scarf to soften the hue. I was just thinking about my favorite dolman sleeve Gap sweater this morning on the way to drop the kiddo off, and now I think I might have to track down this pattern. As always, thanks for the inspiration! (Oh, and amen to NO MORE DAILY PICTURES.)

    1. Thanks Meagan! Your MMMay round ups are great! And man, I cannot wait to take that camera off the tripod…:-)

    1. Thank you, Em! It’s definitely a color that gets noticed, and it added much needed rosiness to my complexion just from it being close to my face!

  2. I washed and dried my jeans lately and went through a painful, week-long re-stretching process. They’re just getting back to where I like them, so I’m going to try to avoid drying them in the future. Also – I love that magenta on you!

    1. Oh, that actually makes me feel hopeful that I might be able to stretch the other pair out! The fit is a lot better because I discovered that these comfy ones stretch out to eternity so they were VERY baggy at the end of the day!

  3. Beautiful color on you! I love it and I’m sure it’s easy to find in your closet amongst the earth toned linens 😉

    I bought that pattern the first time you mentioned it. I guess it’s time to actually sew something from it! I sewed a dress for my daughter from the “five and ten designs” basic pattern. It was rainbow day at her school and I had to sew a rainbow dress for her with a rainbow of buttons down the back. I hope I can keep the momentum going. Nothing like your level of commitment for sure, but it’s a start for me.

    1. That’s awesome, Alana! I love to hear that you’ve been sewing more!! The five and ten designs are just genius and you mentioning it makes me want to sew some more up from that collection! And good luck with the dolman sleeve top 🙂

  4. Sanae you look super!!!! I feel inspired to sew for me after looking at all your pics. I gotta step up the physical activity first though 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

    1. Aw thanks, Tracy! I have grand plans for sewing for myself, and I say jump right into it. As I’m learning (though not entirely successfully), nothing is more flattering than clothes that fit properly.

  5. How fun – I searched for the exact Simplicity pattern at the most recent Joann’s pattern sale but wouldn’t you know it – all sold out! I was looking for the exact thing you describe – a dolman sleeve knit top. And seriously – linen knit? Where does one even find such a thing? It sounds like the best of two worlds:)
    Love your round-up! And those cargos in the first picture look great with that top and awesome-looking sandals!

    1. Gah! How frustrating. I got this during the 99 cent sale and literally bought the last one. Clearly it’s popular everywhere! I hope they re-stock soon!

    1. Thanks Erin! And yes, the shoes…such a lucky find at a little local shop in my neighborhood – love ’em!

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