Happy Friday + Randomness

prep-sketchesSome prep sketches for the book. I’ve been loving this handmade paper for its texture and I’ve been having a blast with all my watercolor/gouache paints. It’s nose to the grindstone time (but in a good way), friends, so I best keep it short today.


K: You know, Mama…you’re actually really, really funny even though most people would think you’re totally boring if they just looked at you.

Me: …thank you?


Happy Mother’s Day!! I’m curious to see what K and M will cook up for me this year. Last year M scrambled about ten eggs for me, and much laughter about the gigantic pile on my plate ensued (“I wanted to make sure you had enough! I didn’t know how much to cook,”  he said. Good man.)

It’s spider season
K is an arachnophobe
So, so many screams*…

*There is an army of spiders descending upon us in our house and it’s a challenging situation that keeps us on our toes and involves a lot of jumping around and yelps…



8 thoughts on “Happy Friday + Randomness

  1. another classic K quote . . . that child just cracks me up!! thank you for sharing her hilarity with all of us:) Happy Mother’s day to you, Sanae!

    1. Ooh, that looks like a good recipe, Ute! I’m putting it on my must-try list! Thank you, and I hope you get to celebrate Mother’s Day with yours in some way – can’t wait to see how the blouse turned out!

      1. The bread turned out great! I think what made a difference was to toast the nuts and seeds and that I mushed the dough for 5-10 min until it wa really sticky. I also let it rest in the fridge over night. Now I just need to find cheaper ingredients, so far one loaf cost me 15 € 🙁

        1. whoa! that’s one spendy bread! But it sounds delicious and I will definitely give it a go. Thanks, Ute!

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