a hideout of her own…

Just a quick note today – I am still sick. Very soon, when I feel normal again, I’m making K a little tee pee/hideout. I hope I can get it done before Christmas. I’m inspired by these above and want one for myself. I especially love the very plain white one with the sheepskin (of course). Who doesn’t love a nifty enclosure where you can gather all your petite treasures and prized books for a super secret siesta?

[1] [2] [3] [4]

4 thoughts on “a hideout of her own…

  1. Oh Sanae, I hope you feel better soon! My husband and I have been talking about creating a tent for Lala and I can’t wait to see what you create!

  2. Sad you’re not feeling well:( May the icky-ness pass soon and you’re feeling much better:)
    I made my daughter a teepee last year for Christmas using yards and yards of IKEA fabric . . . not nearly as much fun as garment sewing. I commend you on your intentions – may they result in a beautiful place for your daughter to call her own:)

    1. Cheers to icky-ness passing! I think I’m almost there. IKEA fabric is such a good idea – I believe they have some cute stripey fabric….hmmmm ideas….

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