Flu + Seasons

Thank you for all the well wishes – it seems that this is one of those tenacious flu-type illnesses that is determined to stick around. I am doing everything slowly this week and am not getting a whole lot done…but I am getting better and while I sip more tea and try to recover, I am mining old works and leave you with one of my illustration series, “Seasons” (done entirely digitally with lots of origami paper overlays). Summer, with the penguins, is my favorite.

4 thoughts on “Flu + Seasons

  1. Oh, those are lovely. Whimsical yet beautiful at the same time. So I know nothing about this but am curious- what do you mean when you say you made them digitally with origami paper overlays?

    1. Hi Robin! In Photoshop there is an “overlay” function that creates interesting textures and colors. I scanned beautiful cloth-like origami paper patterns and essentially created a digital collage using the overlay function. Hope that makes sense?

  2. This is BEAUTIFUL! I have the ancient version of Adobe Creative Suites (version 2) and I still have a lot to learn. This is really inspiring!

    1. Thanks Venus! I don’t really use any of Photoshop’s fancy bells and whistles and unless you’re doing a lot of video/3-D type stuff, I don’t think the newer versions are all that different from your version. I love Photoshop!

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