Mini Biscotti with Chocolate Bits and Marcona Almonds

Happy Veteran’s Day! I have been sick all weekend, but am slowly recovering. K has the day off today, so I wanted to share these darling little treats before we head out the door for the aquarium.

I have Mark Bittman’s original How to Cook Everything, and used the basic biscotti recipe, then threw in 1/2 a cup of chopped marcona almonds and 3/4 cup of mini chocolate chips (left over from this). The online version of the recipe is a little different from the book in that it omits the step to add flour and baking powder (big whoops) and you don’t need double-acting baking powder. Regular old baking powder will do. Also, 30 minutes is way too long for the initial baking. Start checking at 20 minutes and all will be well.

These were very, very good, and wonderfully dunk-able in coffee. I like marcona almonds because they taste sweeter to me, almost like macadamia nuts. I always get a bag at Trader Joe’s, and they make a great snack.

I had been under the impression that biscottis are hard to make, but they are so easy! It’s actually fun slicing up the warm, par-baked dough into the recognizable biscotti shape. I’m looking forward to trying other variations!


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