Happy Friday + Hooded Capelet + Grey Almost Skinnies

Happy Friday!

First, the hooded capelet. Guess which book the pattern is from? My fave, of course. I have miles and miles of this wool plaid fabric and will probably make a jacket with this as well. I actually modified bits of this pattern. Instead of snaps, I used buttons because buttons are always cuter. I also did away with the tab at the neck. I made it, but it looked odd to me so off it went. Did you know that these capelets/ponchos are all the rage in the first grade right now? Alright, it might be just at K’s school, but a very timely sewing creation indeed!

Next, what I’m calling “almost skinnies”. I used this pattern book and these pants required infinite amounts of top stitching. I love the yellow/dark grey contrast, of course, and I’m secretly delighted by the slightly wobbly stitching job. Somehow it makes the pants seem more charming.

I was hoping these would look more like skinny jeans, but on my thin little girl, the silhouette is more bootcut. They are comfy and winter appropriate, so no complaints here. The fabric is a thin corduroy, and I loved sewing both the wool and the cords.

The capelet is swingy and flirty, the almost skinnies are stylin’.

Have a lovely weekend, friends!

4 thoughts on “Happy Friday + Hooded Capelet + Grey Almost Skinnies

  1. So cute! And I had no idea that caplets were all the rage with 6-year olds. Shows you how much I know. ๐Ÿ˜‰ those pants look terrific, too, I bet K will get lots of use out of them this winter.

    1. It’s true – who knew capelets would be so popular?? I think I may make another capelet and will definitely make more of these pants!

  2. Does your daughter even realize what a talented mom she has, with good taste to boot?! Someday she’ll look back at this blog and declare you the coolest mom ever:) And until she does so, we’ll just say it for you! What an amazing outfit – both caplet and “skinny” cords! That wool looks scrumptious . . . I think a coat for yourself may be necessary:) Thanks so much for sharing your amazing creations – I love going to your blog with eager anticipation:)

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