Monday Outfit: Imagine Gnats Meridian Pattern + Giveaway

ig-cardi-coat1Good morning, friends! I’m not sure if the viruses are extra virulent these last few months or what, but I’ve been getting hit over and over and over. It’s starting to feel like a constant companion, this malaise. And of course, I’m the only one in the house that gets affected and M and K are cheerfully and healthily going about their days. Sigh.

But enough whinging and on to more fun topics. Not only is it the start of Kids Clothes Week winter edition today, but I also have a few sartorial treats for you. I want to preface everything with how very impressed I am with all the ladies creating beautiful independent clothing patterns out there. These talented women are running businesses and juggling family obligations and hosting delightful blog tours all the time. Amazing.


Rachael of Imagine Gnats is one such multi-tasking dynamo currently hosting one of those delightful blog tours, and her patterns are getting featured all over the sewing blogosphere. When she asked me which pattern I’d like to try, I immediately gravitated toward the Meridian for kids. A swingy cardigan and coat? Perfect! (Okay, it’s technically a jacket but I like to get a little alliteration going)


Let’s talk about the cardi first. I’ve had this great jersey knit for a couple of years now, but wasn’t certain what to make with it. It has stripes in greys and yellows on a cream background, and the stripes look almost painted. Since it’s meant to be fully lined, I used a mystery knit that has a sort of swiss dot effect for the lining. The double layer gives this cardigan a nice heft. We need hefty, cozy clothes this time of year…I really like that there are several closure options (one to four buttons) and I went with one button for that simple look for which I am a sucker.


I cut the size 7, which I suspected might be too big based on the measurements, but I think it was the right size for her. It’s a super cute and comfortable design, and K is a big fan. She’s also a fan of the corduroy coat/jacket that I decided to go ahead and make as well:


The pale blue corduroy is from my mom, and it actually had a lot of ink stains so I had to get creative with cutting out the patterns. It looked like a toddler went to town with a pen while an unsuspecting mother had her back turned. There are a few virtually indistinct marks I couldn’t avoid on the left sleeve and on the back of the collar, but I did a pretty good job of working around the stains overall. I’m sure my mom thrifted it from somewhere; it’s a sturdy fabric and the color was exactly what I had in mind. I used Martha Negley’s twigs fabric for the lining (not thrifted), and the aqua accents work well with the outer fabric. The leather buttons are also from my mom. I love the curved front with the arc of buttons.  I would say the sewing went pretty smoothly — it was a little tricky getting the lining aligned perfectly with the main fabric for some reason, but that’s probably due to the difference in stretch factor for the coat because I didn’t have any problems with the cardi (the corduroy has a bit of stretch).


All in all, an adorable coat!



And because it’s KCW week, I felt that I should make good on my plans and at least sew one thing from my list. I LOVE this reversible double-gauze (the other side is cream with grey polka dots). I love it so much that I also got the navy colorway, which I think might become an Archer shirt for me. I made the French sleeve tunic from this book, but modified it by adding an invisible zipper in the back. Unfortunately, I was at the end of my bobbin thread, and it got pucker-y. When I tried to pick the seams, the double gauze started to fall apart, so I left it as is. It could pass for ruched, no? Double-gauze is very tricky to work with, and it’s also very sheer (if you squint a little, you can see K’s handmade coral briefs — which, by the way, she is crazy about and keeps asking me to make more underwear). But comfort and breathability wise, it is probably one of my absolute favorite fabrics.

Alright, I feel like I’ve gone on long enough. Rachael is generously offering you, my dear readers, one free apparel pattern of your choosing from her shop! There are patterns for women and kids! Here’s the rafflecopter doohicky and I’ll announce the winner later this week:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Also! All patterns will be 20% off in her shop for the month of january with code “januarytour”, plus they’re 50% off through the 31st – no code needed! It’s a steal! One last thing…don’t forget to check out all the other fantastic creations by other participants:


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P.S. It probably goes without saying that I received a free copy of the pattern, but all opinions are completely my own.

23 thoughts on “Monday Outfit: Imagine Gnats Meridian Pattern + Giveaway

  1. All of these are beautiful. K is one lucky, stylish little girl! I have a thing for corduroy jackets that have just that kind of drape- I love the vertical sway. Again- I want one in my size!

    1. I always feel so much more inspired to sew for K than I do for myself. It’s probably because she’s a knockout and everything looks fab on her. Thanks, Gita!

    1. Hey, join the club — I’m jealous of my own daughter’s wardrobe! Somehow she pulls off all the outfits I wish I could. 🙂

  2. I love all three–the cardi, the coat and the dress. Thank you for sharing your beautiful creations. One question – when I click on the book link for the source for the dress, it takes me to a Japanese Amazon page – would you know if the book is available in English and if so, where it could be purchased?
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Barbara, thank you for your comment! Unfortunately, the book is only available in Japanese as far as I know. I thought there might have been a French translation, but a quick Google search is yielding zero results. The great thing about Japanese sewing books is that the diagrams are very detailed and many people don’t have too much trouble sewing from the diagrams alone 🙂

    1. Hi Faith! For the coat, I kept to size 7 as well and it fits fine, though my daughter did say it was a little snug in the arms (she was also cranky from not having had enough breakfast, so her words need to be taken with a grain of salt). According to the measurements, she would have been a perfect size 6, but I wanted to have wiggle room for both the cardi and coat so I went for one size up.

  3. Oh, the dress! (Meghan, I am with you on this, I am absolutely jealous of K´s wardrobe!) I saw this kind of double gauze in Rachael´s shop and totally considered ordering it. Now it is sold out! Sooo gorgeous. Sigh. And did I hear Archer?! A double gauze Archer? Very brave with all this precision sewing and the tricky gauze, but it will be stunning!

    1. Drygoods has some of the double-gauze in stock now, and it’s gorgeous stuff. And you make a good point about double-gauze and the Archer, Ute. I might be nuts to try that, but nuttiness has never stopped me before…:-)

    1. Thank you, Elizabeth! Man, the sickness is relentless. Not enough to be debilitating but definitely annoying, you know? Hoping for health recovery soon too!

    1. That front curve is such a great design element, and really wearable too! And yes, love the dress but I think the double-gauze sort of stretched out — at first K kept flashing me her shoulder and more because the neck opening is pretty wide. 🙂 Thanks, Fiona!

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