Happy Friday + Going Tribal: Ikat Dress + Faux Leather Collar

Happy Friday!! Due to horrible lighting all day and a model eager to go play with her friends after school, I was barely able to get these photos, but get them I did.

This here is a wonderful ikat print cotton that I scored at least two years ago. I used the same pattern as this blouse I made a while ago and simply extended the skirt length. It’s more of a beet red/reddish fuschia in color, and I love love love this print. The only weird thing about this fabric is that it stained my sewing machine pink. It’s been washed and dried…has that ever happened to you?

And the faux leather peter pan collar!!! OK, so it’s pleather, but I think it adds just enough edginess to make the dress extra cool. I’ve been seeing these detachable collars everywhere and wanted to try my hand at making my own. It was surprisingly easy, and required no sewing for this one, other than the buttons.

“Daddy’s didgeridoo!!” she said excitedly as I added the prop. I believe it’s an authentic aboriginal didgeridoo that M got in our early days of dating. He can actually play it and has been teaching K a bit.

I’m almost done with a coat! Can’t wait to share next week. I hope everyone has a lovely weekend and here are detail shots:


3 thoughts on “Happy Friday + Going Tribal: Ikat Dress + Faux Leather Collar

    1. Thanks Robin! I believe this is the same pattern that you used with that great floral fabric, right? Love this pattern!

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