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There’s only so much couch-sitting and reading a seven-year-old can handle, and during the many days K stayed home from her illness last week, she kept trying to come up with ways to entertain herself. Of course, I didn’t want to make staying home from school too fun for her, or I knew I would suffer the consequences.

One day she asked if we could bake something. “Sure,” I said, getting ready to look up recipes. “No, I want to make up my own recipe,” she stated firmly.


And so she did. She plucked out a couple of Hershey’s bars from her Halloween candy stash, commandeered the kitchen and assembled flour, eggs, sugar and baking powder. I guess she’s been observing me bake all these years. The only parts I helped with were melting the chocolate and butter, pouring the batter into the muffin tin and placing it in the oven, but basically I let her run free.


We made them into mini-muffins and you know what? They were good! I mean, really good. With just a hint of chocolate-y goodness, they were sweet without being sickly so, and baked to perfection.

I wish I had taken a photo of her “recipe” she had written on our chalkboard wall, complete with charming misspellings. I’m sure there will be more concoctions, though, so I’ll capture it next time…who knows, maybe K will be penning her own cookbook in a few short years…

Though I don’t have a specific set of ingredients for these little beauties that K created, I think these or these or these would be wonderful to bake.

4 thoughts on “Her Own Recipe

  1. She’s channelling her mom’s creative genius:) Perhaps she’ll be the next Molly Wizenberg! And lucky you – you get to sample the results:)

    1. Well, I don’t know about my “creative genius”, but she is a creative force of her own 🙂 we’ve discovered that she’s very musical and likes to compose songs on her keyboard recently. I can’t carry a tune to save my life so this is so exciting!

  2. Amazing what kids will create, when we let them “run free”! I´d love to come over for a cup of coffee and one of those yummies!

    1. These were delicious with coffee! I agree – kids can do amazing things when given free reign! Have you heard about that experiment an Indian professor conducted with village kids? He left a computer in the middle of a largely illiterate community and several months later, he discovered that the kids had figured out how to use the computer and were learning nanotechnology or some such. Mind-boggling.

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