Monday Outfit: Jammies


Thank you so much, everyone, for all the kind comments and emails! K is much better, though the coughing is still off and on. I’m still pretty loopy as well, but we’ve finally had one cough-free night which felt like manna from heaven. My little brother came to visit from Los Angeles this past weekend, which also helped, because he and K adore each other. There’s something about extra attention and affection that does a soul good, I think.


As you can imagine, K spent a lot of time in her pajamas last week. For a mini fashionista, her nightwear selection is pretty pitiful. She favors ratty, over-sized tees from various school events with corporate logos plastered all over the back. She quickly ran out of her t-shirt supply, and we agreed that it was high time I made her some jammies.


These are my test jammies using patterns from this book that I think may be my absolute favorite. The patterns are so versatile! Anyway, K requested a bear on her pajama top, so I cut one out using the now ubiquitous grey polka dot flannel, thought it was too small, cut out a bigger one, and K said “I want both!” She wants me to add eyes and a mouth to them, but we are still in negotiations (“But red eyes would make them look scary, honey,” I keep telling her…).



The creamy white fabric feels like a ponte knit – it’s thicker, less stretchy, and sort of luxe. The grey and white stripey is jersey knit that I got just before I began my fabric fast three months ago, and I plan on making a top for myself with it so I only used a tiny portion for the neckband and sleeve/leg cuffs.


Isn’t that castle great? It was a birthday present from a friend, and her very patient uncle helped her assemble it. It comes with a little paint set, but of course, I love it in its pure white form. So pretty.


The fit and comfort level of the pajamas are excellent, and these got K’s seal of approval, so I’ll be making more for sure. Wouldn’t a fox one be so darling? Or one with little houses, like the amazing dress Lucinda made?


I really hope she’s truly on the mend this time. It’s been a rough couple of weeks, and I for one am ready for some sleep. Maybe I ought to make some jammies for myself.




24 thoughts on “Monday Outfit: Jammies

  1. Jammies for yourself sounds like a great idea! My hubby is home sick today… I think something is going around!
    Good to have you back! 🙂

    1. Oh, I’m so sorry to hear your husband’s not feeling well, Kristi. This time of year is full of icky germs. Wishing him a quick recovery!

  2. You’re making me blush, Sanae! If I had even a fraction of your creativity . . . Funny you mentioned one with a fox (does K sing that horribly annoying fox song too like my children do?!), as I just picked up some orange knit fabric to appliqué a fox to a dress for Lilah. Inspired by MiniBoden, as most things are:)
    So, SO glad to hear that K is on the mend and that you got a good night sleep. Do you remember from the days of K being a baby how restorative a good night sleep felt? I hope such nights return to you soon! (and keep with the water intake!).
    As those pi’s – even in loungewear K exudes style! Does that pattern book have pi’s in it, or did you adapt a pattern? Love the stripe binding around the cuffs, and can’t wait to see how you use it for yourself someday:)
    You and K both were missed! Glad you enjoyed a relaxing weekend with your brother.

    1. I don’t know the fox song, but I better keep K away from it 🙂 so looking forward to seeing your fox appliqué! The patterns are for leggings and t-shirts, which I made into pjs 🙂 and yes, sleep is a beautiful thing…

  3. Cool jammies and really cool photos! Those striped accents are awesome, and I’m excited to see your top from the same fabric. Also, I think I need applique lessons from you!

    1. Thank you, Pienkel! Easy sewing was all that I could handle this week, but I missed making stuff, so it was good to get the pj’s done 🙂

  4. Jammies seem like the perfect result of a restful weekend! And just like nitted socks they spell l*o*v*e to me. Your blog post made me feel all wintery and cosy – great styling with the castle, just like freshly fallen snow. And I would totally love a fox pyjama. I love foxes. I am even thinking of making these mittens, aren´t they wonderful? They come with a free pattern (for download click the red button). For kids she also has a free pattern and the fotos show how they are assembled. Jammies and foxes for everyone 😉 !

    1. These are SO cute! I love them, the fox is awesome. I’m a big fan of foxes too, especially arctic ones (the all-white ones) – surprise, surprise, right? 😉

    1. Thanks Meghan! We’ve now had two cough-less nights so I’m feeling ever so hopeful. Although we discovered today that K can’t run in the cold outdoors – it causes her to wheeze. One step at a time…

    1. Total bummer! But she seems to be getting better and better every day, so knock on wood. So happy you like the PJs — bias cut stripes are some of my favorite things ever 🙂

    1. Thank you, Shelley! I guess the white does give the impression of cleanliness, hey? Always a good thing! Keeping them white is a whole different matter….:-)

    1. Thank you, Monica! Do your little ones kick off their pants? Even when the temps are arctic, K often sleeps in only a short-sleeved tee.

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