Baby Shoes – Part 1

Remember when I said I have only one Japanese sewing book for babies? Well, I lied. It wasn’t intentional, but it turns out I have four books for tots sewing, though two are so old and not at all like your typical, light-filled, airy Japanese sewing books that I hesitate to include them in the same genre. They were tucked way in the recesses of my craft bookshelf.

But I have no excuse for forgetting about this one above (which had been hidden behind some books because it’s smaller in size). The Japanese Sewing Books blog did a lovely review of it here. And similarly, I bought it explicitly to make those adorable shoes back in 2008 when a bunch of my friends were pregnant, but I didn’t even crack open the book until two weeks ago when my sweet friend J was due to have her baby boy.

I was able to whip up these ticking stripe cuties and deliver them to J the day before her scheduled c-section. Whew.

Too precious, right? It’s a great way to use up scrap fabric and though the straps were a bit of a bear to turn right side out, baby shoes are a very quick sew. I know that I’ve been using this fabric for so many things, but I just love love love it.

I actually have a few more pairs ready to be cut out (the book offers several styles), but I’ll have to show you those another day. Ah, it feels like baby fever everywhere! (Nope, I’m not expecting #2, in case you’re wondering…)

11 thoughts on “Baby Shoes – Part 1

    1. Aw, thank you Ute! As you can see, I am a procrastinator of the highest order, so these took me forever to get started on. Good thing they’re tiny and fast to make!

  1. I remember you used that same fabric a few weeks back for K, and a day or two later a good friend of mine called to say she had a bunch of blue and white ticking fabric, and would I like it? Well, of course (I don’t turn down free fabric)! So, she dropped it off last week. TEN YARDS. an entire big fat roll. You’ve inspired me to use it for clothes, so I’m thinking a pair of pants for my boy, and maybe a little blazer too. Let me know if you run out, I can replenish your stash… ha!

    1. Free fabric rocks! And ticking stripes is just icing on the cake. 10 yards?? You’re tempting me with your offer, Erin. Does it count against my fabric fast if I receive gifted fabric? Hmmm…..

      1. ha… I am serious though. ticking stripes might become your signature look, eh? anyway, you know where I live. well, not really, but you know what I mean.

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