Monday Outfit: Indigo Pintucks + Mustard Stripes

Good morning, friends! I can always tell when autumn is giving way to winter briskness just before the full chill blast because I start to feel under the weather. We had a festive weekend that included a going away party for a friend (an exciting overseas move), but sadly, I had to cut out early due to the sniffles.

But sniffles or no, sewing seems to have become an ingrained activity each weekend, and this was no exception. Let’s start with the stripey one, shall we?

I’m going rogue these days, and this is a modified Figgy’s Banyan tee. I have to say, I wasn’t completely thrilled with it when I finished it. The Banyan tee that I made a few months ago is one of K’s favorite clothing items, so I thought it would be fun to make it in this popular mustard stripe cotton jersey knit I got from my beloved fabric shop. The contrasting dark grey knit is scrap fabric from my stash, and it feels like it has some rayon in it.

I made very simple changes: extended the length by 7 inches, added a square pocket, made it long sleeve instead of short and tossed in contrasting sleeve cuffs. I didn’t bother hemming the dress because I remembered that I botched the tee hem last time, and it looks just fine raw-edged.

It might be a touch too long? A little too rugby-themed? I’m not sure what it is that isn’t sitting well with me, but of course K LOVES it. She squealed, hurriedly took off her jammies and shimmied herself into the dress and happily posed for photos. Then she complained vociferously when I told her she needed to wear the other dress for pictures as well.

And oh, the other dress!! I can’t tell you how in-love I am with this indigo linen-blend, pin-tucked beauty. These photos really aren’t doing it any justice.

The details give the dress that extra je nais se qua: the pintucks on the front and back, the keyhole opening, the gathers at the bottom of the pocket (I’ve never seen that before!), which makes the skirt flare out oh-so-charmingly.

This too, I modified by making it a fall-appropriate, long-sleeved dress (the original is sleeveless as you can see above). The pattern is from this book, and I really wish this came in grown-up sizes. In fact, I was planning on making the Weekend Getaway dress in this linen blend, but I simply didn’t have enough fabric.

That blue thing is a party favor she got from a friend’s birthday gathering, and it’s fake hair that lights up. These props, by the way, are entirely K’s idea.

I’m not a good pin-tucker, I admit, and I had to re-do these a few times, but I’m really happy with the result. This is such a casual, stylish and versatile dress! I’m pretty sure I used the same fabric for these pants, but don’t hold me to it.

Of course, as soon as I snapped a few shots of the indigo dress, K was antsy to get back into the mustard stripe dress. K is so smitten with this knit dress, it’s starting to grow on me. I guess I’ll have to get more of this linen-blend fabric when my fast is over and make myself a version because I absolutely need one of these in my wardrobe.

What about you, which dress do you prefer? And hey, it’s KCW Fall! Are you participating? I have a feeling these dresses might be my only output for the week. I have to get started on K’s owl costume (queen of procrastination!) and I want to sew something for myself…we shall see how the week shakes out!


41 thoughts on “Monday Outfit: Indigo Pintucks + Mustard Stripes

  1. I’m a fan of both of these! I think the striped one is probably a fun one for K to wear… which is satisfying for us sewing mamas. But, that blue one is DIVINE. And, as far as I can tell, you are a pretty great pintucker. Really. 🙂

    1. Oh, thanks Erin – the pintucking was tricky to get straight because my markings were all completely off! That blue denim/indigo is probably one of my all-time faves I’ve made…

  2. A pintucking genius – that’s what you are. Love both dresses, but especially the blue one. So cute!!! Wish I could do such pretty tucks.

    1. Thank you, Trine! I don’t believe you for a second – I’m certain that you are an expert pintucker! Love all the dresses you’ve been making for yourself lately, btw 🙂

  3. I like them both for totally different reasons. The linen one is just so beautifully made, but the striped one is adorable and looks comfortable. I kind of want one for myself!

    1. Thanks Kelli! K just adores this dress so much, and combined with the cape I made last week, she’s been in seventh heaven. I tried to leave a comment on your post about your GORGEOUS wedding photos earlier, but as always ipad kicked me out!

    1. It’s a fun one, for sure! I’ve been wanting to sew this stripey knit up for a while, and as always, when I try to make up my own design (sort of), it always looks a little different than how I imagine it. Oh well, it’s well-loved!

  4. Goodness. Love the blue one, and I can see why she loves the striped one. It’s not-rugby though, until you made me think of that. But they are both cute, and the photos are as usual lovely. Full of energy.

    1. Ha! I kept looking at the stripey dress thinking, “What does this remind me of??” And then I saw a rugby uniform somewhere and had my aha moment. 🙂 Glad you like the photos! I think the light-up fake hair looks kind of cool.

  5. I”m on your side for this one, Sanae, though I can totally see why K would love the mustard knit one so much! Talk about comfy – while also being stylish! Love the additional pocket and contrast cuffs.
    But the denim dress . . . love. so. much. I’ve debated buying that book a few times, wanting it for the exact same dress you showed. Hard to imagine how it could even be improved upon, but you managed! Love it with long sleeves, and looks great layered with those tights. So really it’s a win-win: a dress that each of you loves to pieces:) You sewed these both up in one weekend?!
    No KCW for me this time. The kids have a mid semester break so we’re going away for a few days this week- sans sewing machine. Last summer I missed KCW week too as we were on vacation . . . the stars are simply not aligning! Good luck with the owl costume!

    1. Mid-semester break already?? Wow, time is just zipping by! It’s a great dress and I highly recommend this book, Lucinda. I’ve made almost everything from it and I’ve loved them all. The zipped hoodie gets a ton of wear, in particular. Have a wonderful trip!!

  6. i am partial to jersey and stripes and mustard, so i KNOW that the indigo linen dress must be something special, because i am totally in love with it. you must make one for yourself. make it in some of your endless supply of black yarn dyed essex! it’s just stunning with the pin tucks. i know you can size this up for yourself! start with a bodice from a woven tank pattern and go nuts! you can do it!

    1. You’re right, I think I can do it! Thanks Ashley! What a good idea to start with a woven tank pattern. I hope preparations for the art fair are going well!!

      1. you can totally do it. art fair is still crazy! taking this week off to make a tux for reese to wear to a wedding this weekend back in michigan 🙂

    1. Thank you, Olga! I’m pleased with them both; the one bummer was that K didn’t want to take that many photos in the blue dress so my selections were limited but that’s OK, I love the dress. And I thought your tutorial for adding sleeves to short-sleeved tops was brilliant! I was actually looking for a tutorial like that a few months ago and couldn’t find a good one.

  7. a shop, dear Sanae, a shop, pleease. . .
    even second-hand, once K is done with them:)
    always peeping in, even if there’s not much internet time these days.

    1. Oh Xenia! SO lovely to see your comment, I’ve been thinking of you (and of course have not been able to leave a comment due to my ipad issues). I do think a shop is in order at some point and super secret plans are in the works 🙂

  8. Both of these dresses are so amazing!! I love the banyan in particular. I have the pattern but haven’t tried it for the very reason you mentioned – the hem. I am getting much better with knits but the hem is till my Achilles heel 🙁 Thanks as always for sharing and inspiring!!

    1. That hem is a beast! When I tried it with the tee last time, it kept getting weirder and weirder until I just gave up trying to make it work and kept it all wonky. 🙂

    1. Thank you Shannon! I’m a bit of a one-trick pony since you can always expect some sort of linen to pop up, but I’m stubborn about what I like 🙂

    1. Thank you! We got school photos of K back today, and I was shocked at how un-cute she looked when my sweetie is so very, very cute (the photographer told her not to smile and she ended up looking like she’s trying to get something out of her teeth). I’m so glad I have so many photos of her that I’ve taken myself.

  9. I love them both! The banyan tee looks great as a dress and your pin tucks look perfect! And I join you on the procrastination front – it’s three days before Halloween and all I have are half the pieces cut for my daughter’s costume :/ I’m going to be up late the next couple of nights!

    1. Thanks Meghan! The Banyan dress got so many compliments at school, it was wild. You’re ahead of the game on the costume front – my owl is still just an amorphous concept in my brain right now, nearly 48 hours before Halloween…

  10. both dresses are fabulous. they look great side by side too. There’s nothing weird about the stripe one to me either….It’s really great. I would wear that. Those pintucks/fabric are great too. Love it all

    1. Thanks so much, Tara! I tend to scrutinize my sewing projects too much, methinks. The stripey dress is definitely one of K’s faves!

  11. I always love you color pallet; the second dress is so simple yet so detailed, love that combo! Question – do you ALWAYS prewash your fabrics (especially linen or linen blend)? ?

    1. Thank you, Sopo! To answer your question, yes, I always prewash my fabrics. Linen can be pretty stiff at the get-go, and it does shrink. My routine is to always wash and dry as soon as I bring fabrics home – that way I won’t forget 🙂

  12. sanae, I am just catching up with your blog after a blog reading hiatus due to the move. I’m so happy you and K came to our party, it was so great to see you. Also, the luggage tags you gave us are still firmly tied to our bags (we still are living out of them!). Btw I love the yellow stripey dress. I second the previous poster who asked you open up a shop of second hand K wear.

    1. So good to hear from you, Sarah! Hope the transition is going well, and I’ll email soon so we can catch up more! 🙂

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