Happy Friday + Guest Post for Compagnie M

Happy Friday, friends! Today, I’m guest posting over at Compagnie M, so hop on over to see the details of this here creation which was inspired by the illustration on the left. The illustration is by Caitlin McGauley, who is insanely talented and one of my all-time favorite illustrators/designers. She painted the Emerson Fry leopard coat, which happens to also be a drool-worthy and favorite clothing designer of mine (though I have yet to own anything from their line), so you can imagine how much I love this. I contacted Caitlin last week to get permission to use her illo, and I was thrilled when she returned my email right away with the sweetest message, assenting to the usage. This creative community is amazing. Check out her portfolio for some serious eye candy, and her blog is always inspiring.

Some more outtakes of the photo shoot (notice the Flanae/Sanamingoย pose in action above) – I made the tunic she’s wearing way back in November of last year and the black leggings are part of the few remaining store-bought items in K’s wardrobe:

Have a fantastic weekend, everyone! See you on Monday!

Birthdays are frequent
One down, another to go
Seven*! How time fliesย 

*K’s birthday is next week…my mind is reeling. How is it possible that seven years have passed?

20 thoughts on “Happy Friday + Guest Post for Compagnie M

    1. 17!! Happy Birthday to your daughter, Claire! I was just thinking about what K would be like in 10 years…mind-boggling.

    1. You and me, both Venus. The weather has been in the high 80’s here which translates to 100 degrees in our un-air-conditioned house. I was making that coat and longing for autumnal weather!

      And yes! My mom came up for K’s bday on Tuesday, but we’re also having a party with K’s friends next weekend. So fun!

  1. The flanae pose is fantastic! Now talking about the coat, i like it lots. It is gorgeous! as well as the ilustration. Time flies! I hope K has a brilliant Birthday.

    1. Thank you Maria! There will be a lot of water play involved for K’s birthday with this weather we’re having.

  2. Oh to be 7! Love your posts and your challenge of handmade wardrobe. I’m thinking of purchasing a serger and wondered what type of machine you use?

    1. Thanks, Barbara! I have the Brother 1034D that seemingly everyone has. It’s very highly rated and a good bang for your buck. I did have some trouble getting the tension sorted out in the beginning and it kept eating my knits, but now it’s working well!

    1. Thanks, Nicole! I think it helps that I can read a lot of Japanese (though I’m not fully literate), but really, lately I hardly ever look at the instructions and rely solely on the illustrations. The construction for these patterns are quite simple and you definitely don’t need the language!

  3. Beautiful coat! I love the styling of Emerson Fry, very cool of you to shrink it down. I’m glad we’re getting a nice hot summer here in the NW – makes the winter rain easier to tolerate. I want to be nice and sick of the sun by the time fall rolls around. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. I am smitten with everything Emerson Fry designs! Have you seen their new geometric coat? Want! The weather’s been phenomenal and we’ve been going to the pool every day – the only bummer for me is that my sewing room is upstairs, making it a very sweaty operation on hot days…:-)

  4. Love the “like mother, like daughter” pose:)
    Gorgeous coat! And K carries it off with such panache. Maybe it’s because I know she’s having a bday next week, but somehow she just looks older in these photos. I guess an animal print coat will do that to a gal:)
    Hope you’re enjoying your mom’s visit!

    1. Thanks, Lucinda! She does look older, doesn’t she? It’s wonderful yet a little heartbreaking too.
      And yes! We’re having a fantastic time with my mom! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I love all the clothes you sew for K, especially the jackets. I am inspired to think about sewing a jacket for my 20 year old daughter. Will explore pattern and fabric choices. Also going to read all your jacket archives to pick up tips on fabric choice and lining and so on. I always look forward to all your posts, have a great weekend!

    1. How fun to sew for your daughter, Erin! I hope K will still let me sew for her when she’s older and too hip for me ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for regularly stopping by my little blog!

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