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It’s Friday and I can’t believe that it’s the last guest post! They’ve been awesome, right? Last but clearly NOT least is Robin of Nested in Stitches. Robin holds a very very dear place in my heart. She’s one of the first people who started commenting on my blog that wasn’t my husband disguised as other people and soon we were emailing and I was beyond thrilled when she invited me to take part in the first ever clothing swap. It was a huge success and was such a challenge in the best possible way! Robin’s idea, of course. She’s good like that. Robin is immensely talented and technically savvy (must be the scientist in her — that’s Dr. Robin to you as she is brainy as all heck and has a PhD) and the garments she creates are so professional! Her cutie pie daughter C is the recipient of a lot of Robin’s sewing genius, but she sews for herself too and is a knitting guru and expert quilt maker to boot.

Above all, Robin is so kind and genuine and mega-nice. I feel very fortunate to have “met” her through blogland! Robin and I share a deep love of the Japanese aesthetic and simple, almost minimalistic clothing for kids. There are too many things I adore from her archives, but these are a few of my fave things she’s made:

[1] [2] [3]

I mean, really, how do you get any better than a Citronelle Dress+pink sneakers/a rendition of Bill Murray in Moonrise Kingdom/a Japanese apron? Take it away, Robin – she’s got some goodies!


happy friday, everyone! this has been such a fun series, thanks for having me, sanae!

some of my fave handmade things? let’s have a look.

1. appliqued linen ofelia dress. this might be my absolute fave handsewn garment. i just paper-pieced some 1″ hexagons up and arranged them in a fun pattern down the dress in place of the stripe. sadly, it’s too small for c now, but it got lots of wear- in part because i embraced the casual wrinkly linen look, so it never had to be ironed.


3. the modern crosses quilt from modern log cabin quilting by susan beal. (blogged here.) this lives on our couch, and i love love love it. i really need to make some more quilts.


3. the avery cowl knit up in uber soft malabrigo (more pics on my ravelry page) + wiksten tova top in an anna maria horner voile. ’nuff said.


4. my cutting table. we made this two years ago and this thing is still solid and in fantastic shape. love. it. so. much. (details on how we made it here.)20120518-IMG_0817

Well folks, that’s a wrap of my first ever (kind of accidental) series! So sweet, so fun, so inspirational, no? I’ll have an outfit post for you on Monday — though I will technically still be in Michigan — and it features a pattern from one of my all-time fave bloggers. Until then, have a wonderful weekend, and a haiku:

Guest bloggers are gems
Thanks to them I’m so stress free
These guys are priceless

A HUGE thank you to all my fabulous guest bloggers!!!


5 thoughts on “Guest Post: Robin of Nested in Stitches

  1. How fun to read a post from you again, Robin! That Ofelia dress is just beautiful . . . the piecework along the front really makes it extra special. Love the colors you chose to contrast with the linen. And your sewing space has me a little bit jealous. That is the best cutting space ever! (certainly beats my current position of cutting on the kitchen floor!) I love your design aesthetic and am not at all surprised you and Sanae have found so much in common:) Thanks for posting!

    1. I don’t think Robin’s been blogging lately, but she is on Instagram @nestedinstitches. I’m sad that she doesn’t blog anymore! Thank you, Kristina!

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