Happy Friday + Randomness


Happy Friday! Friends, the giveaway comments are awesome. I am having so much fun reading everyone’s unique/secret talents! I can’t wait to do a round-up of my faves when I announce the winner next week!

On another note, above is my tentative plan for my (mostly) handmade vacation mini-wardrobe, scrawled in my sketchbook. For travel and comfort purposes, it makes the most sense to keep the garments to knits, and being me, there will be a lot of solids and stripes. Maybe some polka dots. This is going to be a blast to sew up!


I’ve mentioned several times that I’m a night owl and can’t seem to sleep much. Unfortunately, K has inherited this trait of mine, and she gets very little shut-eye for a little girl her age. Maybe that’s why she says things like this:

Mommy, today in gym, I slumbered along the tracks.


Have a great weekend, everyone! As always, a haiku:

My secret talent
is something that is handy:
gift-giving sixth sense*

*I’ve been told that I have an uncanny ability to give people the perfect gift. A gift to gift, if you will. I’m like Santa. Except Asian. And female. I am also a Powerpoint ninja – my presentations have moved people to tears (ok, maybe tears of boredom. But generally they’re good).

18 thoughts on “Happy Friday + Randomness

  1. ha! that wardrobe is not very mini! can’t wait to see it all! also, i was actually going to cite successful gift giving as my talent as well…i think it’s a trait that comes from thoughtfulness and perception. if you maintain a certain level of attentiveness to others, you quickly start to catalogue what they enjoy.

    1. Haha! It’s true…not so mini, is it? I totally agree that gift-giving is all about observation and attentiveness. It’s such a joy when you can tell the recipient really loves the gift!

  2. Oooo…Ahhh…
    I spy a bathing suit. That will be all kinds of amazing if that’s part of your handmade list! Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Oh Venus…I’m so not there yet. And even if I were there, I would never have the guts to model it for the olde blog! 🙂 Happy weekend to you too!!

  3. Wow! Looking forward to see the final pieces! Good wardrobe for a nice holiday. So exciting!!!!
    I am also good choosing gifts for people! But only with close people, though. I think it has to be in know how to “read” taste and choosing a gift that the person really will use and/or love; in few words I think you have to be a good observer and very thoughtful!. Happy weekend Sanae!

    1. Good point, Maria! Gifting is definitely more challenging with acquaintances. I’ve had a few successes though by sheer luck. Have a lovely weekend!

  4. I know that I am your friend in town, but heh, how cool you are! And how cool you will be in linen tank tops in the future hot weather this season. ; ) Cheers!

    xo, Sachi

    1. Hi Sachi! So funny, my worlds are colliding! I think you may be the only local friend who reads my blog – I rarely tell people about it…

      Hope packing is going well and safe travels!!

  5. I’m so excited to follow along as you sew for yourself. Great inspiration… When my newborn is a little less new I’m hoping to do something like this myself.

    1. Yay for sewing for self! I hope you get to sew for yourself soon, Amanda — when K was just born all I did was breast feed and blearily watch really bad tv! For about 18 months. How I wish I’d started sewing then…I would have way more brain cells now…

    1. Hi Carla! We’re off to Michigan, by a small lake called Leelanau. It’s very quaint and peaceful there!

  6. love the wardrobe drawing… I am starting to assemble my wardrobe for the two week trip (driving) to S. Dakota with 4 kids!!!! I like your ideas. I don’t know if you seen them (probably you have), but a favorite sewing book series I love because it gives basic patterns with lots of options is Sew U by Wendy Mullin (she also has Built by Wendy dresses and Sew U Home Stretch). I turned her jeans pattern into the perfect summer shorts in grey. They go with everything! So excited you’re enjoying sewing for yourself.

    1. Whoa, two weeks of driving with four kids…I bow to you and your bravery, Kristi!! I have the first Sew U and the Home Stretch one. I think she also has a coat one? I should bust those out and try them – I’m pretty sure I made one skirt many many years ago and got intimidated by the shirts and pants. I’m feeling ready now, though!

  7. Your wardrobe looks fantastic, I can’t wait to see how it all comes together. I’m reqlly looking forward to the sailor pants and swimmin costume! Swim wear shopping is always pretty draining for me and after a recent tummy surgery I’m not looking forward to braving changing rooms this summer…. maybe I’ll be inspired to makee my own too 🙂

    1. Thanks Nicole! Haha, I think I’m still not brave enough to tackle a swimsuit, though I did buy a pattern from JoAnn’s ($1.99!) a few days ago so maybe I just need to talk myself into it…

  8. two things you can do that I envy (ok, there are far more than two, but the two that came to mind reading this post): your ability to sketch/watercolor and your gift of gifting! What a useful talent, that last one. I try to be aware of my friend’s/family’s needs/preferences, but sometimes I’m just plain stuck!
    And I love your mini (!) wardrobe sketch – not only an artist, but you must be a planner as well:)

    1. Thanks Lucinda! I have colossal gift-giving duds too, but my success rate has been pretty good these last few years. And yes! I love to plan. I’m a chronic list-maker and I’ve always made these outfit sketches whenever a trip was imminent, though usually they’re of clothes I already own or plan on buying – this is my first handmade wardrobe sketch! 🙂

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