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Friends, technical problems abound, and I’m so sorry if you’ve been having trouble accessing this blog. My server is not completely dead but is definitely on its deathbed and very unstable. For the time being, it’s up again…but may go down again any minute.

Anyway, I am loving all the blog recommendations from yesterday! I’m familiar with a few but so many are new to me and I’ve been adding them to my reader like crazy! Thank you! [Update: I lost many of the comments and we are in the process of retrieving them…I may keep the giveaway open a little longer, more details to come.]

[Update 2: I have a new server! But a few things still need to happen for my li’l blog to be fully operational and I’ll be working on that for the next few days]

Moving on to other matters, I am guest posting for the Japanese Sewing Book Series today and if you’ve made it over here from You and Mie, welcome! I’m so honored that Cherie asked me to participate, and it was so so fun. Cherie is so lovely and wonderful to work with. Over at You and Mie, I’m talking about the nitty gritty of instructions, and though there’s a lot of information, I hope it’s helpful. As a companion post, I’ve created a few items to show you today, and I’ve had spots on my mind. In fact, if Picasso had his blue period, dare I say I’m going through my polka dot period?
Since January alone, I’ve made this and this and this.

Let’s talk about the Nani Iro dress first, shall we? I’ve been holding onto this fabric, waiting and waiting for the weather to turn from arctic to almost-spring. The time has finally come and doesn’t this little dress make you want to do a little happy dance? I’ll be the first to admit that maybe, just maybe, it’s a tad night-gown-ish. But that just means it looks comfortable, I say. Cherie made a sweetheart bubble dress using the same fabric and hers is decidedly not nightgown or hospital gown-ish.

I like the dropped waist with the casing and sash, and you can’t see the gathered neck, but it’s a nice design detail that makes it easy to slip on and off. K thinks it’s all right, but nothing to write home about. The pattern is from this book.

But this! This dynamic polka dotted camisole and tiered skirt duo was squeal-inducing. “I LOVE this!” K exclaimed, clutching the skirt to her chest. She wore it two days in a row and would have worn it a third if I hadn’t wrested it from her small hands.

She likes the top too and wore it immediately as a cover-up (appropriately) to a swimming birthday party. I used Kokka (100% cotton) and actually think this fabric would look fabulous as a swimsuit. The camisole top is from the same book as the Nani Iro dress.

The skirt is made from a denim-look knit – I sew a lot with denim-ish fabric since they match everything and becomes frequently worn. I serged the hem of the tiered skirt as a design element. I was definitely not feeling lazy nor was I trying to cut down on sewing time. Nope. Design element. The pattern is from this book and it seemed scandalously mini even with the built-in shorts, so I added about 2.5 inches to each tier. This is what it looked like in the book:

Which spotty look do you prefer? Detail shots below…

23 thoughts on “You and Mie Guest Post + Outfits

  1. Yay! So glad your server is cooperating (for now!) and you’re up and running . . . and of course the wait was worth it! Polka dots are so great, and it’s amazing how two different polka dot fabrics can look so strikingly different. I love, LOVE that first Nano Iro fabric – I would have hoarded that one forever paralyzed by not wanting to waste it on the wrong project. But I also love the drape of the second fabric for that top. Funny, I wasn’t overly impressed by the top when I saw it in HH, but now seeing it sewn in this fabric, I like it much better. The back has really nice detail. And denim knit – aside from linen, could there be a more useful fabric?!:) Good call, btw, on adding the extra length!

    1. I was a little nervous cutting into the Nani iro, but at least the disappointment factor is pretty low for kid’s clothes. Adult clothes on the other hand…and the skirt! Can you believe how short it is?? The book also styles it with leggings, but I still thought it looked too risque.

  2. 2 gorgeous outfits! I love the blue and yellow dots, and the colourful dotty tunic is great and will be able to be worn for years- as a top when she gets taller.

    1. Exactly my thinking, Cate! I love tunics for that reason – K is still wearing a few tunics I made from a couple of years ago as a shirt. Hooray for making clothes last!

  3. Sorry you’re having server issues! Lame! What’s Not lame? Both of those adorable outfits! I am a sucker for anything blue and yellow- that top is just darling!!!

  4. I love your choice of fabrics, they are cool! You know, I pinned your polkadot Kokka Tunic onto my Pinterest “I want to make this for my children” board :). Thank you for sharing your knowledge about Japanese Sewing books, it’s very useful. Btw, I saw my comment on your giveaway post yesterday, but it’s disappeared now. Do I need to re-enter comment? again, thank you so much!

    1. Hi Yeka, thanks for pinning the image! No need to re-enter your comment, I was able to retrieve it and it’s in there now 🙂

  5. Awesomeness abounds here as usual! I love both outfits, but that second one is extra cool. I need to find some denim knit, too… It is pretty much the perfect fabric for kids. Bummer to hear you’re having server woes

    1. I’ve been hoarding that denim knit forever and I can’t remember where I got it from! I also have black denim knit which I’m saving for myself…thanks for the server sympathy – it’s been a trying few days in technology land!

  6. AH! I’m finally able to log on to your blog! Darn server…

    I’m liking the polka dot dress. The simplicity of it feels fresh to me, although the camisole is really feminine and the back… OH the back! I wish I could wear tops like that.

  7. Sanae, I loved your post over on Cherie’s blog and think these outfits are amazing! The second one is especially perfect. I agree, it would make a great swimsuit!
    So glad to see your blog back up and hope your server issues are all resolved very soon.

    1. Thank you, Frances! Your post is awesome too – I’ve been loving the series as a whole! And yes, if that fabric had any spandex in it, I would have made it into a cute little one-piece swimsuit! Looks like the new server is happy and no longer hiccup-y, which is such a relief.

  8. I love both outfits so much! But the second one is my favorite. I guess I’m going through a polkadot period together with you, because just last weak, I ordered two Nani Iro polka fabrics 😉

    1. I’ve been on a huge Nani Iro polka dot kick (I also have an aqua/silver colorway that’s similar to the navy/yellow) – they really have the best assortment of dots!

  9. Ah, I can log in at last — thanks so much for the carefully-researched, detailed, information-rich post!

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