Happy Friday + Randomness

Happy Friday! I may be jinxing things to write this, but the server mayhem may be resolved! M tells me that in terms of server space, I’ve basically gone from hovel/shanty to palatial digs. Nice.

Small things: the other day I was browsing through the Elliot Bay Book Companyย and discovered their little cafe where I decided to hunker down with a cup of au lait and a warm mini-loaf of potato bread. I was feeling a bit blue and under the weather, as it happens in life sometimes, and I wanted to rest. The lovely man who made my coffee and toasted my bread handed me the platter with a flourish. “I added a little extra something for you – you look like you need it, and it makes it all so much more French,” he winked. He had added a small bowl of melted chocolate. I sat down, tore off a piece of bread, lightly buttered it and dipped it into the chocolate. I took a bite. And just like that, the blues were banished. I savored my coffee and decadent treat, jotted a few notes down, and went to go meet a friend. That small gesture of a spoonful of melted chocolate and kindness did wonders and righted the world. I snapped a photo with my ipad so I wouldn’t forget it (awkward) and it would have been an instagram moment if I were an instagram kind of girl.

This might be a good time to mention that I seem to get free food from strangers a lot. I’ve come to the conclusion that a) I must appear destitute or incredibly depressed or b) I’m very lucky. I’m thinking (a) because the food is often accompanied by words of encouragement.

ย **********************************************************************************************

So I’ve been noticing a certain theme with K lately:

Me: [vigorously wiping at some unidentifiable gross goopiness on the stairs]

K: Mommy, your bum looks cute when you bend over.


K: [humming tunelessly to herself, then suddenly belting out with operatic gusto] MY BUTT’S ON FIRE. MY BUTT’S ON FIRE. [resumes humming tunelessly]

I peeked into her room in the off-chance her derriere was flaming, but she was calmly drawing a shark eating a man. Should I be worried?


There’s another funny story in the same vein from K’s preschool years, but it’s sort of long and I’m eager to get my weekend started so I’ll have to tell you another time. Have a fabulous weekend, friends, and here’s the weekly haiku:

Easter bunny fun
annual hunt for treasures
so much egg salad






8 thoughts on “Happy Friday + Randomness

    1. Oh it was delicious indeed! I do love a good egg salad but I kind of dread the sheer amount of it every Easter…

  1. Congrats on your palatial upgrade:) What a lovely act of kindness you were blessed by- chocolate indeed seems to cure most woes. I’m a great believer in its medicinal properties:) And K’s little anecdotes make me laugh out loud- she sounds like such a fun kid! Enjoy a blessed Easter with your family.

    1. Chocolate heals nearly everything, I agree, Lucinda! My fave K moments are when she’s not trying to be funny (she loves to make people laugh but her jokes tend to be very complicated).

  2. WHAT?! You get free food?! SO lucky…

    I wish my girls would say I have a cute butt. It’s more like, “WHOA, Mom!”.

    As for a shark eating a man… yes… be worried. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Have a lovely Easter weekend, friend!

    1. So funny, Venus! K prods my stomach all the time and tells me she likes how “squishy” it is. Sigh. And yep, the free food thing is weird. M gets a lot of free stuff too so maybe we look needy? Very mysterious. Happy Easter to you!

  3. i giggled audibly at, “…calmly drawing a shark eating a man.” have a lovely weekend–i for one rarely tire of egg salad ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. My crazy funny daughter…I tell you, even if I tried I wouldn’t be able to make up this stuff ๐Ÿ™‚ I like a good egg salad too, Ashley!

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