Monday Giveaway! [CLOSED]

[Update: Due to technical difficulties, the giveaway has been extended. Hooray (not for the difficulties but for the extension)! The giveaway is open until Thursday, April 4th and I will announce the winner on Friday the 5th.]

Good morning! What a weekend – we’ve been running around all over creation, from festivity to festivity. Fun, but I’m feeling ready to rest. How was yours?

I’ll be posting the weekly outfit tomorrow, but in celebration of Japanese Book Sewing Series this week (where you should go immediately to see the very first post by the amazing Kristin), I thought I would do a little giveaway.

I have two adorable Kokka fabric pieces of about a yard each that have been lounging in my stash, unloved and ignored. They would be grateful to find their way into a home that would nurture them and let them blossom into creations worth oohs and aahs. I am, after all, purging and it’s indicative of how big my stash is that I’m willing to part with cute robots and Wizard of Oz sweetness. Made of the fabulous cotton/linen blend that Kokka is known for, the possibilities are endless.

To win these lovelies, please leave a comment with your all-time favorite blog. I’m in the mood to discover new reading material and I’m open to any kind of blog (except maybe finance-related). I have a feeling that your go-to blogs are awesome. The only rule is that it can’t be mine to preemptively avoid feeling sad that mine wasn’t mentioned. Friends, chances are in your favor because Google Analytics tells me that we are a very exclusive society, you and I. Just so you know, my fave of all faves is Posie gets Cozy. I think Alicia (who doesn’t know I exist) is so wonderful. I actually cried when I read about her amazing adoption story and can’t get enough of her beautiful photography.

I will ship internationally, but it will have to be the slowest, cheapest option (sorry).

I’ll keep the giveaway open until Sunday, March 31 and upon using random number generator for the second time ever, I will announce the winner next Monday! I promise it won’t be an April Fool’s announcement.

60 thoughts on “Monday Giveaway! [CLOSED]

  1. My answer is always Alicia’s, and I too cried when I read about baby Amelia. I’m also a huge Angry Chicken fan.

  2. I love No big dill, Katy is inspirational in her devotion to her family (5 girls and 1 boy, yes 6 kids!), to God and her amazing sewing ability and all round nice person

  3. I, too, love love love Alicia Paulson. I’m also a big fan of Sew Liberated and Soulemama. (I like your blog a lot, too :))

  4. I love! I found your blog because Japanese pattern book week, You have such cute stuff.

  5. I love so many, quilting … blue is bleu, kids sewing….hard one No big dill, project run and play always great go too, or even everyone’s fav elsie marley. Everyday blogs…. too many. Off to read Alicia’s blog now, thanks for the chance – Love the Wizard of Oz print by the way!!!

    1. just realized I have bought patterns from her in the past and oh my… thanks for introducing me to her blog!

  6. Good on you for sorting out your fabric! And for giving away such cute pieces, too. I’ve just gone through some ancient boxes of ‘potential’ craft materials and have ruthlessly reduced and recycled, so while my purge is probably nowhere near as comprehensive as yours I can at least feel virtuous for having done my little bit for the day.

    One of my favourite blogs is vligtig – go check it out if you haven’t already –

  7. it is hard to say what is my favourite, but among my favourites, that’s another story! I get excited when there are new posts from Fake It While You Make It, Piccolli Piselli, and Ben and Birdy.
    Those fabrics are lovely, and I ought to be imitating you and purging, but I can’t seem to make myself. I’m just trying to limit adding to the stash….

  8. Hi, I am quite new to your blog, but I really do enjoy clicking over. Another recent favourite is since it’s a great mix of women’s sewing and veggie gardening and they’re 2 of my big interests. Thanks for the generous giveaway, that Oz fabric is super cute!

  9. One of the first blogs I ever started following was SouleMama. I’m not sure how I could pick a favorite. Celebrate the Boy is my favorite series always on Made and Made by Rae.

  10. Hmmmm, this is a very hard question. I love Skirt As Top because Kristen’s creations fit with mt aesthetic so well. I also love Soule Mama for her thoughts and writing.

  11. I never enter giveaways but when I saw the Wizard of Oz fabric, just had to do so! My daughter was in the musical this past fall and we’ve re-fallen in love with the movie/story/etc.
    Of course when reading the criteria for the giveaway, I right away thought of your blog. Sad that I can’t list it, though I suppose that wouldn’t really give you any more reading material, would it?:) I love Nested in Stitches and Probably Actually as well. Also, you should check out – and click on the “sewing” category along the side. She sews frequently with Japanese sewing books for her daughter and has lots of cute outfits.

  12. Both of these fabrics are great. But my daughter is completely infatuated with Wizard of Oz. Favorite blog…..of course the ones above. I also read The Nesting Place. It’s about home decor but she has a real down to earth simple aesthetic and perspective. Lately my favorite thing is to browse all things Flickr and look at all the small time blogs. Oh and who doesn’t love Elsie Marleys Kids sewing week.

  13. I LOVE Alicia Paulson’s blog… so much! Actually just ordered her embroidery book 2 days ago. One of my fave blogs (and one i think you’d like if you haven’t seen it already) is (titled: Lindsay, etc.) She and I both went to the same culinary school, but I found her blog randomly a couple of years ago when i started sewing… i am always inspired by her work- especially what she sews for herself! thanks for the giveaway, Sanae!

  14. Oooo what neat fabrics! Thanks for the giveaway and the shout out, Sanae! Also, can’t believe someone mentioned me in this prestigious list *blushes.* A bunch of my personal favorites have already been listed, so I’ll add another name to the mix – Sophie of Cirque du Bebe. I just loooove her style and the way she writes.

  15. My favorite is The Train to Crazy. Yikes! But I also like Make it and Love it and Made by Rae. Oh you others that I love I am still true to you!

  16. Hi, I recently discovered your blog and love to stumble across good reads! I follow a few but flossie teacakes is one of my favourites as well as I’m a ginger monkey. X

  17. A few of my favourites have already been mentioned, but one that I don’t see listed here is, although I only speak the most rudimentary german – google translator helps a lot – I find her photography and overall style to be quite unique from other sites that I visit.

  18. I’ve only recently discovered your blog, because of the “Japanese Sewing Book Series” in Cherie’s blog, so you are now one of my favorites. I love that you post almost every day. When I arrive in my work place, the first thing I do (after coffe, I mean) is to see if your post is up yet, wich normally isn’t because I live in Portugal, and by that time you are probably still asleep, and I stand waiting anxiously, especially if it is monday.
    My favorite blog is from my good friend Ana Sofia ( ), who is also Portuguese, and extremely talented. We share the love for Liberty prints and classic look.

    Thank you for this giveaway.

  19. I found you through the You and Mie post. thanks for all the wonderful info and hosting the giveaway!

  20. I love no big dill, but having to pick just one is hard. Danamadeit and made-by-Rae are also great.

  21. My favorite? That’s really hard!! I just can’t commit to a favorite, but I definitely am a fan of “A Little Gray”.

  22. I like to view

    He is a Malaysian designer for his own women’s cloting line…. be it casual, formal or wedding couture


  23. I’ve always been doing cross stitch, now gradually moving on to sewing and crafts.
    One of my favourite is

  24. I love the root simple blog. It’s not the most exciting but I love the issues they talk about.

  25. I would love those cute robots and Wizard of Oz fabric. I’d make something for my 7 month old daughter with the Oz fabric, and a quilt for my step-daughter’s newborn son with the robots. My fave blog is Made by Rae.

  26. The fabrics of the giveaway are very cute!!I can imagine making something for my almost three year old daughter and my baby son…my favourate blog is “Emma en Mona”, check it out!

  27. Oh, that Wizard of Oz is perfect. My just turned 3 y.o. is obsessed with the movie. We have to call her “dorpie” and of course, her bday party was Wizard of Oz.
    For real food and good research about that food – Food Renegade.
    For healthy food and beautiful pics – 101 cookbooks.
    And for money saving and inspiration – money saving mom.

  28. My favourite blogs are Pink Penguin and Red Pepper Quilts!:) and I check your blog daily too<3

  29. Came along your blog via the Japanese Book Series on You and mie. Thanks for the gave away. I Love Alicia Paulson’s blog! She is wonderful. I’m also fan of freshly-picked, Sweet Verbena and nest full of eggs…among others.

  30. I love reading the blog by this performance artist, she always has such a quirky outlook on life, new passions to share and fascinating tidbits of information! She has one blog more geared towards her research and another blog that is a bit more personal, but both fun to poke in on regularly:-)

    LOVE the fabric-options in the giveaway, and your blog is definitely one of my favourites to check in with these days:-)

  31. I love those fabrics, perfect for my 5-year-old little guy! I found you through youandmie’s Japanese Sewing Book series. Thanks so much! My favorite blogs right now are geared toward sewing for adults, 1) by gum, by golly!, 2) male pattern boldness, 3) Gertie’s New Blog for Better Sewing. 🙂 I also like Amy Karol’s angry chicken when she gets to update. The Posie Gets Cozy blog looks amazing … that powerful writing!

  32. Funny thing is: You and Mie is my all time favourite blog. Her style is just impecable! I discovered you through the Japanese sewing series, and I hope its fine that I enter the give-away! I adore the fabrics and would love to win them. My fabric stash is getting pretty low and needs a boost 😉 Thank you!

  33. people who make me laugh, good photos, art, life, good deals, etc….
    posie gets cozy
    gail’s – probably actually
    money saving mom
    keeper of the home
    lisa leonard
    the pleated poppy

  34. I’m so glad I caught this! Difficult to choose a blog, but when ledansla pops up in my feed I go straight to it. X

  35. I love noodlehead, film in the fridge and red pepper quilts. My ginormous baby boy would look pretty cool in something made on those fabrics – thanks for the giveaway!

  36. Those fabrics are so cute! My favorite sewing blog is craftiness is not optional.If you like trivia,my favorite is Listverse.

  37. Great giveaway, so cute fabrics! I like, because her work is so inspiring! And also like, cause she always does her best effort in everything she does. Selfishseamstress is hilarious…But my truly loved one is Sewingadicta, her knockoffs of New Girl’s wardrobe are just stunning (you have to see her fuschia coat, Kate Spade knockoff)!

  38. So many from which to choose! Seriously…. my Bloglovin’ list is ridiculous. I love Under the Sycamore ( Daily posts, uplifting messages, beautiful photography. Thanks for the chance to win some FUN fabric!

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