Happy Friday + Sewing for my man haiku + Career Day

Poor M rarely gets
Any kind of sewing love
Enter boxer shorts

Alas they’re too small
But at least was made with heart
K likes to wear them


Happy Friday! I’ve had this Odyssea by Momo fabric for several years and thought it was finally time to let it shine as boxers. My gallant effort of sewing for my man started with using the “Foxy Boxers” pattern from this book. Then I couldn’t believe how enormous they looked once cut out (especially compared to existing pairs), so I kept sizing down, and now they look like ones I used to wear as pajamas in college. K genuinely thought they were for her, put them on and asked me if she could wear them to school even though it has a hole in the front.

I have a ways to go before I master sewing for adults. I’ve sewn exactly one shirt for M that was a birthday gift about four years ago, and whenever he wears it (hardly ever) he always looks puzzled at how it hangs unevenly and how the facing is all “floppy”.

I think I will blame this oncoming cold that I thought I had dodged a few weeks ago for my many craft misses these last few days (there are so many that I didn’t show you). M is not feeling so hot either and K is definitely sick and making strange burpy noises, and with mid-winter break upon us, it looks like we may have to lay low for a few days.

I did have a fantastic time speaking at K’s school for career day yesterday, however. The coordinator had told me they didn’t have any artists, but it turned out there was one, and a very cool one at that. In fact, I wish I could have sat in on all the classrooms to hear the various talks because there were some seriously impressive careers represented. There was a travel writer/television/radio personality, fully prepared with huge foam-core boards of travel articles he’d written; a professional dog walker (the kids loved her and the two pups she brought); a documentary filmmaker currently exploring a Filipino gangster turned mayor; the ever popular “pizza guy” as the kids call him, who comes every year – he owns a highly-regarded pizzeria here in Seattle. The woman who brought the house down was the coast guard pilot, decked out in her uniform with helmet under her arm. She had us all at “I fly helicopters to save people.” The cheering lasted forever when she was introduced. A very large part of me wanted to be in elementary school again to see the endless possibilities of the future.

My own talk was very short, and I brought a little Valentine’s craft project for the kids that involved making paper hearts into envelopes (like these) and stuffing them with plantable mini hearts. The kids seemed to really like it, and several girls came up to hug me at the end of my talk, so I chalked it up as a success.

OK, I think it’s time for me to brew up some tea and have some quiet time with K. Have a wonderful weekend everyone! I hope to be back Monday fully recovered!


6 thoughts on “Happy Friday + Sewing for my man haiku + Career Day

  1. brewing a lot of tea here too, both mother and daughter have been under the weather for what has now started feeling like forever. yes, i would also love to sit at an elementary school desk + dream on ahead . . .

    (and lucky K, she gets the boxer shorts, too!)

    1. Wishing you and A. a speedy return to feeling 100%, Xenia! Tea is always so helpful for the lingering types of sickness – peppermint is my favorite!

  2. we’re in the same (sick) boat over here, Sanae! I was becoming giddy – and even a bit cocky!- that my household managed to avoid the flu bug that is terrorizing our neck of the woods. I have tea brewing on the stove as I speak:)
    My first sewing project ever for my husband was a pair of boxer shorts too, while still in college. I remember asking my mom to help . . . and therefore was a bit more successful size-wise. But surely it’s the thought that counts!
    K’s career day sounds amazing! And of course you were a hit – hugs are definitive proof!!

    Hope you feel better soon!

    1. Oh, I hope you’re all feeling a whole lot better, Lucinda – there’s a nasty strain of the flu going on here in Seattle too. We’ve been sluggish and a bit “off”, but so far haven’t been hit with the full force yet. Sending you get well thoughts!

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