Scratch Off Paint – Part Deux

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you are celebrating this day of amor with plenty of chocolate and all manners of sweetness.

I am nothing if not persistent, and I finally got the scratch off paint to work (see here for the first attempt gone wrong). They are so so fun. I followed this tutorial again, but the key was to use metallic acrylic paint and very little dish detergent. I added just a couple of drops, three layers of silver acrylic on top of clear packing tape adhered to parchment paper, and presto, scratch-off paint of the highest caliber!

“You are my love” is what we say to each other regularly around here in this household, and my mother would certainly comment — in Japanese parlance –“that it causes her teeth to float”. That means something to the effect of “makes her cringe because of the sheer corniness.” But that’s the way we roll.

I made a bunch. Thought they would make handy bookmarks too – I like functional crafts.

Love! Have a happy day, all!

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