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The end of July is full of festivities in our family: birthdays, trips and reunions, and just an overall celebration of summer.

As you read this, I’ll be in the Midwest on the tail end of exploring college campuses and connecting with extended family. Can you believe that K is a senior in high school!!?? We are relishing this summer before things heat up with academics and college applications.

Anyhow, I’m just bopping in and scheduling this little post before I head out on my trip. July has also been a month of Creativebug class launches! I taught a number of classes based on my book Animal Friends to Sew, and three of them are now available.


The Baby Slippers:

I mean…don’t these wee animal slip-ons just elicit an automatic, “awwwwwww”?? I designed my own baby slippers after attempting a baby shoes pattern that discombobulated my brain so much that I vowed to come up with a much easier style/method. Though the small pieces can get a bit fiddly, the slippers themselves are simple to construct. Fun fact: the baby on the right is the son of Sasquatch Books’ art director. I’m so appreciative that she allowed us to conduct a photoshoot in her gorgeous home and included her baby to boot!

Click here for the Baby Slippers class.


The Whale Teether/Rattle:

The model for the whale teether/rattle was a natural and hammed it up. Without any prompting, she chomped on the teether ring, and we had so many lovely photos from which to choose. Animal Friends to Sew also includes instructions for a bird teether and a bunny ears one too!

Click here for the Whale Teether/Rattle class.


The Animal Placemat:

Minimal. Quick and easy to make. Functional and fun. Plus, it’s reversible— you can use different fabrics for the front and back and switch up the vibe! These placemats might be my favorite project from Animal Friends to Sew. The pocket was a last-minute addition when I was thinking about how M would write secret notes for little K whenever we went to a restaurant. He would hide the note under her napkin when she wasn’t looking and claim that it magically appeared just for K. The pocket is also a handy utensil holder. And see the bear in a dress? I made that for K when she was about 5. It’s held up well over the years, and she has a partner — you can see the cute couple here. And yes, I made the sushi for the photoshoot.

Click here for the Animal Placemats class.


So cute, right?? There are also quite a few other Creativebug classes that I’ve taught here.

Happy sewing! I’ll be visiting the discussions page for each class regularly and I can’t wait to see all the creations!

I’ll be back in August — have a spectacular summer (or winter, depending on where you are), my friends!!

Photo credit: Amy Johnson

Styling Credit: Rachel Grunig

Special thanks to the adorable models!!

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