Doll + Matching Dress

When K was in a co-op preschool, an auction was held in the winter every year. The initial year we participated in the auction, I made a doll and a matching dress as my contribution item. It was the first time I’d submitted anything hand-sewn anywhere, so I was pretty nervous, but I believe the highest bid was somewhere around $100 for both, which wasn’t too shabby (though I suspect a friend of mine had a hand in inflating the bid).

I was going through my picture archives for what I hope to be a fun post later this week, and found the images for the auction items. I always love finding things I’d made that I had completely forgotten about!

The dress was from this pattern book, and I made up the doll pattern and dress. I think they’re pretty cute together!

4 thoughts on “Doll + Matching Dress

    1. Forgotten treasures is a lovely way to put it – though some of the things I’ve made in the past are less treasures and more ‘experiments gone crazy’…

  1. Are all those face details hand embroidered?! Fabulous! I made a doll for my middle child this Christmas and remember how painstaking those details can be.

    1. Thanks Lucinda – I saw your gorgeous doll and pencil case! Loved them. And yep, I stitched the face by hand, though I did use fabric paint for the cheeks (a couple of light puffs with a cotton ball is the method I like to use).

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