Quiet Day

Wednesday was a quiet day – it might have looked an awful lot like a lazy day. I’m feeling the onset of a cold and am trying to take it easy. Started some knitting. Thank you, Robin, the cowl pattern you recommended is so quick and satisfying. I’m nearly done and getting ready to block it. I think I’ve gotten over the sweater trauma. I’d also like to try this chunky cowl.

Had too many cups of coffee and pieces of toast.

Noticed that the paper white flowers started to bloom. I can’t believe I haven’t killed it with neglect.

K saw me knitting and wanted to start her own version of a scarf. We didn’t get very far.

I am loving this knitting book. The images are so beautiful. This color-block blanket has my name on it and seems very doable. I’m thinking grey and white. Or maybe I’ll be super daring and try grey and cream.

Trying to get my painting mojo back (and thinking of outfits to sew and boots I’d like to wear). Pretty pretty gouache colors, aren’t they?

I like quiet days. Today, I’m learning how to use a kiln – very excited!

6 thoughts on “Quiet Day

  1. Yay! I was thinking of emailing you to see how the knitting was going. : ) what kind of yarn did you use? Looking forward to seeing finished pics. And hooray for quiet crafty days.

      1. Thanks, Robin – I think it’s the rare sunshine that we’re getting in Seattle these days that helped the photos 🙂 As for the yarn, I didn’t have enough wool in my stash, so I used Blue Sky Organic Cotton in Sand. It’s plush and so nice to knit with.

  2. Quiet days are hands down my favorite. I’m at homebody at heart, so any day I can putz around crafting and reading is a good day in my book.Glad you enjoyed it and hope the cold stays away!

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