6 Lindens + A Toaster


Well, well, well, what do we have here? Clearly, a pile of knits that have seen better days.


A few weeks (months?) ago, I hinted at having sewn a bunch of Linden sweatshirts and not only did I sew six of them, I have worn them to death.


From a distance, they don’t look too bad. I even got a little bit creative with a striped back for the black version:


Alas, these have been so well-loved (that Jen of Grainline Studio knows how to draft a good pattern) three out of the six are not really fit for public wear anymore and have been relegated to pajama tops. Case in point:


This brownish-khaki-ish double-knit is incredibly soft and comfortable but the pilling! The snagging! I truly look tragic when I wear it. The navy-and-white stripe and black with striped back have suffered similar declines in presentability. The Ocean Blue French terry I got from Raspberry Creek Fabrics is wonderful in quality, however, and it’s been holding up decently, as has the light grey sweatshirt fabric from…I don’t know. Maybe Pacific Fabrics? The double-knit was from Drygoods, I’m pretty sure. The short-sleeved navy version is also a mystery fabric that feels like rayon jersey.


I wanted to make more Lindens to replace the pilled, unsalvageable ones, but chose to expand my horizons and tried my hand at the Toaster sweater. Here’s the conversation that followed when I triumphantly donned my new Toaster:

M: Did you make that?

Me: Yes! It was so fast to sew!


Me: Do you not like it?

M: Um.

Me: I know. I’m calling it my Steve Jobs top. It’s not my best look.


My fabric choice was problematic, to begin with. This thick rayon jersey has no drape and very little stretch, so I feel stiff and awkward in it. I also added quite a bit to the bottom band since it’s what I always do to account for my loooong torso. I think that and the extra amount I added to the turtleneck are throwing the proportions off.


The back’s not too bad. My Ginger jeans are still surviving though I accidentally ripped the right knee on a jutting apparatus in my basement (it’s torn all my jeans and caused other shenanigans). I figure the ripped knee gives me some street cred.


Hmmmm. It’s not that it looks horrible or anything. I think it’s more about how I feel in it. I feel…oddly robotic. Inflexible. Rigid. Ah well. Live and learn. Maybe I’ll try this pattern again with a different knit. That might be the ticket.

With spring around the corner, a resurgence of sewing motivation is brewing inside of me. I might even venture to sew something that’s not knit! What are you making lately?










8 thoughts on “6 Lindens + A Toaster

  1. Hmmmm. I’ve been putting off making a toaster sweater because I didn’t have a “substantial” knit. May need to re-think.

    If the snagginess is not essential to the functioning of the offending protrusion in your basement, you could get some Sugru and make a nice, snag-free bumper/cover for it. If it is essential, you can still do it – just put plastic wrap between the surfaces when you mold it. Voila – removable bumper.

    1. That “substantial” knit instruction was why I chose the fabric I did, but I think it would look better with something a little less hefty. Also, good idea about the snagging thing in my basement. I will give one of those methods a try! Thank you, Lynn!

  2. Have you tried any bamboo knits? I buy bunches from fabric.com and they hold up so well. I’ve got a black pair of lounge pants I wear practically every night and the fabric looks barely worn. Linden is a great pattern!

    1. I’ve made one top out of Bamboo knit and it’s one of my favorites. You’re right, it’s held up remarkably well…must check out more bamboo knits! Thank you, Liza Jane!

  3. I wish I could better predict which knits will pill when I buy them! I had to throw out a ponte skirt and it seemed like such a waste of time to have made it, although it was purchased cheaply from fashion fabrics club.

    1. So true, Meagan — I’ve actually shelled out a pretty penny for some knits that pilled immediately. So disappointing. Then there are the bargain finds that seem to hold up well, so it’s very unpredictable. I do find that bamboo knits seem to be consistently good.

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