Happy Friday + Drop Top!


Happy Friday! Has it really been over four months since I posted something I made for myself?? Whoo-boy, it’s been a long time.


Well, I’m bursting at the seams to tell you all about the Drop Top by Madeit Patterns today — I’ve already worn my Drop top multiple times and can’t wait to make more. In fact, I’ve made two versions already and they’ve been lifesavers for Thanksgiving dinner and a book event. It’s just the right blend of elevated casual with loads of comfort.



The design evokes the patterns I’ve seen in the Japanese Drape Drape books. However, Olu and Anna have simplified the garment construction and I was able to make the top from about 1 1/2 yards of sweater knit fabric (60-inches wide). I cut the medium size, and made zero modifications.

droptop4Both sweater knits that I used (cannot for the life of me remember where I got them) are thin and super drapey, and this extremely technical term of “super drapey” is pretty important for this pattern, methinks.

droptop6 droptop8


Due to my over-exposing in Photoshop, the lighter top looks like heather grey here, but in fact, it’s more of a taupe-y color with black specks. I love it.


The darker charcoal version feels a little dressier — oops, sorry for that wrinkled hem. My ironing skillz have been underused these past few months. Whoa, I look tired. It’s been an intense year. Here I am, still exhausted in the lighter and slightly more preferred version (though I adore both):


At first I was a little worried that the cascading folds would make me look lopsided or like an Asian dumpling, but I’m inclined to think that it’s quite flattering and it’s a fun detail that differentiates this top from all my other knit apparel. The best part is that this is a quick sew with very few pattern pieces. My kind of sewing. Verdict? Thumb’s up (K is making me laugh down there)!



So! The ladies at Madeit Patterns are doing a special Friday giveaway and a 20% discount thru today (click on image to go to the shop). I have to confess I’m a little confused, but I think the second person who purchases the Drop pattern today receives the fabric?? I’m sure it’ll all work out…good luck!



droptop-friday-giveaway droptop20percentoff

21 thoughts on “Happy Friday + Drop Top!

  1. The Drop Dress & Top looks effortless on you, just how the design was intended. You did make me giggle thinking you might look like an Asian dumpling. I’m so glad you don’t, you look actually gorgeous.

    Thank you so much for being part of Madeit Fashion Week.


    1. Ha! The way the folds twisted made me think of my daughter’s favorite soup dumplings and the image got stuck in my mind ;-). Great pattern! Now I want to make the Groove dress!

  2. Ooh you look great in the Drop, I love both your versions! Thanks so much for tKing part in the Fashion Week 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, Anna!! The pattern is fantastic and I’m actually wearing the lighter one as I type this. It’s a winner!

  3. I just bought it for myself! It looks fabulous, I have the right fabric, and I’m making it this weekend! I love both versions~

  4. Love love love your tops! I might lengethen them to see if they make a good work dress. Going to be looking at the pattern now!

    1. There are two lengths that come with the pattern and detailed instructions on lengthening and shortening. I love my Drop tops!

    1. Haha, I did find a photo from the shoot when the top billowed out and I looked unmistakably dumpling-esque :-). It’s a stylish and comfy top, though, and you can’t beat that!

    1. Thanks so much, Eva! I’m going through my knit stash trying to find at least one more drapey sweater knit that I can make this in. It’s the perfect fall to winter transitional top!

  5. It looks great and you look great in it! I’m in a sewing slump (as in I keep moving a half-cut pattern around my house and have sewed ZERO since August–blaming it on election angst) but I feel inspired looking at your pics. I’m going right now to buy the pattern and some drapery, shimmery fabric for a holiday frock, perhaps? Love the tights/booties look. Forget the half cut pattern and thanks for the push in a new direction. 😉

    1. Oooh, Emi of Just Add Fabric made a sparkly version and it looks fabulous. I think this would make such a fun holiday frock! Yay for the return of sewing mojo, Claudette!

    1. Ha! At first I thought the pun was for wanton (as in a skeezy, wanton woman) which had me chortling anyway, but then I got it and heartily guffawed. Thanks as always for the chuckle, Shelley!

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