Happy Thanksgiving!!


Hello! I’m wrapping up the week with this quick little post. I have much to be thankful for and as 2016 is coming to a close, I also have much to reflect upon. This has been what M and I are calling a “life-changing” year and I’ve had to relearn a lot of lessons…we’re dealing with unexpected health issues in our family that I won’t go into and it’s been topsy turvy all around. Right now, at this very moment, however, we are all well.

Thank YOU for continuing to visit my little space, as sporadic as my postings have been. Sometimes I was so dizzy and overwhelmed by the sheer force of life, I considered giving up the blog, the Furoku, everything. I’m so grateful that I didn’t. As a general rule, I don’t post or talk about gifts I’ve received over the years since I started this blog, mainly because they feel sacred and private and I know that I’ll end up sounding braggy. The gifts have been from extraordinarily generous souls I’ve somehow connected through this virtual notebook of mine — many whom I’ve not yet met but feel, without a doubt, a kinship. And every comment, every glance at a post I’ve written are gifts as well. In the midst of so much tumult on a macro level, my own problems feel small and insignificant, but being part of this online community has been a balm, a source of joy.

K is sitting next to me, organizing her UNO cards in preparation for a fierce game we’ll engage in a little later. I have grocery shopping for turkey day dinner on my mind (this year, instead of our usual slacker T-Day at a Chinese restaurant, we’re celebrating with our neighbors). M is puttering about downstairs. The sun is out, the air is a touch icy, I am wearing sweats and feel at ease in our cozy home.

K just expressed some worry about a future event as she shuffled the cards. I listened, thought about her concern and said, “Honey, let’s focus on doing small things with mucho mucho love.” As always, she rolled her eyes. Or maybe it’s supposed to be muy muy love? My Spanish is rusty.

At any rate, that is what I hope for you this holiday season and beyond: mucho mucho love.

Happy Thanksgiving, my friends!

18 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!!

    1. Ah yes, the actual day of Thanksgiving was raining cats and dogs but it was the day before when I wrote the post and the day was GORGEOUS. I hope you had a great weekend, Melissa!

  1. Sending you thanks for your blog and your craft and your inspiration. May you have a Thanksgiving full of loved ones, good and plentiful food, laughter and peace.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving Sanae!! I love what you do and it has brought me lots of joy and companionship.

    Here is where I should also mention that your book Sewing Happiness is going to save Christmas for me too. I have a love-haterelationship with sewing. In the end I am so proud of my sewn stuff, but while sewing, I am swearing up a storm.

    I hope you and your family are well and that you are weathering these changes nicely.

    1. Oh, how wonderful Max! You’ve made so many projects from my book, I truly appreciate it :-). We are taking each day at a time with the changes. It’s been quite a year…I hope to be able to more openly share at some point.

  3. Wishing you and your family much much love as well Sanae!! Hope the health issues are ones that can be dealt with but if not then know there are many people out here who are grateful for you and thinking of you!

  4. Right there with you in gratitude for everything! I’m grateful for your blog and for you and everything you share and make. It’s been quite a year here as well and one of the best things is that as for you, the word “worry” is much less a part of my vocabulary! Yeah!

  5. I dream of totally letting go of worry, but that’s some serious ninja stuff ;-). Thank you, Annelieke — so grateful for YOU!!! xo

  6. Happy thanksgiving. May every day bring you joy – in some large or small way.
    I’m so glad you’ve kept going. I love reading your blog and of course, super-love Furoku.
    Love to you and your family from over the miles xx

  7. Mucho mucho love may not be linguistically correct (not that I know) but it can be sung to a Village People tune and that makes it RIGHT!
    … and yes I had that in my head all day after reading this post. Thanks. Heaps. Really.

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