Happy Friday + Faux Fur Pillows


Happy Friday! Earlier this year when I did a little giveaway, I was poo-pooing the whole concept of faux fur pillows. So naturally, I decided to make them 9 months later.


I’m not sure why. In fact, I rarely have a rational explanation for why I make things. I guess I might be classified as an intuitive sewing enthusiast who is completely guided by my whims. If something stops feeling good or right, I tend to quickly abandon projects these days (unless it’s a shirt for M). Life is too short to be wasted on subpar activities, I say.


Not that sewing faux fur is a stellar activity, mind you. Especially when I thought I was being all clever and made it a removable cover with an invisible zipper for easy washing. Did you know that the fur gets ceaselessly caught in the zipper teeth, which has the potential of devolving into a sort of push-pull nightmare? Now I know. Strangely, despite the many factors that could have made this an unpleasant project, I really enjoyed it.

The more textured grey-and-black fake fur is from JoAnn’s and it’s incredibly soft — it feels like you’re caressing a bunny, though come to think of it, I’ve never caressed a bunny. Maybe they’re not that snuggly? The lighter grey pillow cover is actually more bristly, and the backing is also much thicker. My mom brought it for K when she visited Seattle in August, and I’m assuming it was thrifted from somewhere in Los Angeles. I found it tucked in one of my fabric baskets after she’d left. Very sneaky, Mama! I had asked her not to bring me any more fabric because…well, if you saw my fabric stash you would see why. It’s been pre-washed a few times, just to be on the safe side. Who knows what creepy crawlies can be in new-to-us fabric, right?

I used 20″ pillow inserts and cut the faux fur to 20.5″ squares. Looks like that worked out well. The key with faux fur, I’ve discovered, is to move at a snail’s pace. Cut slowly but steadily. Carry the pieces like they are made of the finest, most delicate china. Keep your foot light on the sewing machine pedal. Overlocking all the edges before assembling the pieces also helped. I felt richly rewarded because there were virtually no scattered bits of fur after I finished sewing.


They are, of course, for K. And yes, she loves them. So much so that she sleeps surrounded by them every night and when I see her clutching the pillows while deep in slumber, I realize this is why I sew. To bring joy, to feel joy. It’s awesome. Faux-fur-tastic, even.

Have a delightful weekend, my friends! What are you making these days?

Unicorn costume*
is feeling sort of daunting
But I’m ready now

*I have all the supplies for the costume and will start sewing this weekend!

16 thoughts on “Happy Friday + Faux Fur Pillows

  1. It is always so good to see your posts. You did a great job on the pillows. I am planning to use faux fur in a garment soon, so thanks for the tips! Have fun with the Halloween costume.

    1. Thanks Greta! The pillows are absolutely adored (she even took the super soft one to a sleepover!) :-). Good luck with the fur-trimmed garment – sounds glam!

  2. Good luck with the unicorn costume! I have caressed a bunny, or two and they are very soft depending upon the type of bunny.

    1. Oh, that’s interesting that there are bunnies that aren’t soft. The unicorn costume is coming along, thanks Max!

  3. Great job on those cushions – they look awesome! I love faux fur pillows but have never thought to make them myself – my babies (2 dogs & 2 cats) love to snuggle up on them too which is why I keep buying more!!

    1. Your house sounds so cozy with a lot of furriness, Lynda :-)! The pillows are actually a snap to make as long as you don’t mind a bit of flyaway fur. Each one took me less than 20 minutes!

  4. These look super snuggly. And yes to your sentiment on not making things you don’t “feel”. I hate sewing stuff that I don’t want to. Hobbies are meant to be fun!

    1. Hear, hear, Helen! I’m done with slogging through projects that bring little to no enjoyment when it comes to sewing (and most life stuff). There’s the importance of perseverance, yes, but then there’s masochism. Masochism is never acceptable. 🙂

    1. Ooooh, I must see this furry bomber jacket! I bet you look FABULOUS, Eva! You definitely need pillows to match your jacket!

    1. Lucky bunny owner! K has been hounding me for a pet dog (har har), but we can’t have dogs at our place. A bunny, though….that might be an option. Thanks, Kathryn!

  5. I love that you’re always so willing to give new projects a try, and have a fearless “come what may” attitude! I need to channel that more, as I endlessly overthink projects and then half the time talk myself out of them. So glad that K loves these – not surprised:)

    1. I’m an overthinker too, Lucinda! I do get sick of myself thinking too much, though, and so I try to dive in whenever I can. I recommend it. I find it oddly therapeutic :-).

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