Happy Friday + Giveaway! [CLOSED]


Happy Friday, my friends! I’m becoming comfortable with my new routines. I like posting just once a week, and maybe in a few months, the urge to post more will surface but for now, this feels just right. K’s school time has shifted significantly this year, which means that we have to wake up almost 2 hours earlier and that’s been a major adjustment. 5 weeks in, however, I’m starting to enjoy the early kick-off each weekday. I have books to work on for the foreseeable future and with each completed deadline, my body tells me I need major downtime. I’ve learned to respect that instead of powering through. Right now is my downtime, and I’m puttering around, taking it easy. It’s nice.

I’ve also been slowly plugging away at purging all our belongings. For example, we had this monstrously huge old microwave that we barely used and one day I thought, “what if we got rid of it?” Unfortunately, K seems to have an intrinsic hoarding instinct and vociferously argued against it. “How are we going to heat up the soup dumpling from Trader Joe’s that I love so much??” she keened.

We came up with a compromise. I proposed putting it in the basement and if we managed 30 days without using it, we would donate it.

40 days passed and we didn’t notice the lack of a microwave at all. I melt my butter in a cute, tiny saucepan. We steam those beloved TJ soup dumplings in a pot. I reheat leftovers on the stovetop or in the oven. They taste better that way anyway.

Once the behemoth microwave was gone (and yes, we donated it), our kitchen felt so much more spacious. It’s wonderful. I like my basement quarantine method.

The one thing I have a hard time letting go of is books. I haven’t officially counted all the books in my house, but I’m pretty certain that it would take me a minimum of 30 years to read them all.  It doesn’t help that amazing books keep luring me to buy more (I also check out way too many from libraries). But I’ve had to come to terms with the sheer ridiculousness of my book stash. Our house is simply too small to accommodate them all and I thought about applying my basement quarantine method, but clearly, that won’t work since I can’t possibly read hundreds of books in 30 days. I also tried the Marie Kondo method, but wouldn’t you know it, they all spark joy. So in a rather haphazard, there’s-a-method-to-my-madness way, I am attempting to tackle the issue.

Which leads me to my giveaway today. I have a copy of  The Curated Closet by Anuschka Rees, she of the wonderful blog Into Mind, that I would love to pass onto you. I actually have the digital version of The Curated Closet as well, because I definitely want to read it and it’s beautifully done. I haven’t gone completely nuts-o so I don’t have a digital version for every physical book I own, but I thought this would be a fun giveaway and I am reducing the analog possession. That works for me.

Since I haven’t actually read the book yet, I can’t in good conscience give a review, but it looks like there are tons of helpful reviews out there already. I’m drawn, of course, to the chapter about the closet detox though I have to admit that my clothing situation is shockingly sparse these days.


More on my whole clothing situation later. To enter the giveaway, any comment will do as per usual. And perhaps you’d like to share what your favorite apparel item for fall is? I myself LOVE boots. And big, chunky scarves. Yep, very much my uniform for autumn. I’ll leave the giveaway open until next Friday, October 21st. Good luck!

That’s what I’m striving to be
Need lots of practice

Have a fantastic weekend, all! There’s a storm brewing in Seattle, and I intend to stay cozy. M’s parents are in town right now, and we’ll need to find some good rainy day activities!


P.S. [UPDATE]: The winner of the giveaway is Tammy!



43 thoughts on “Happy Friday + Giveaway! [CLOSED]

  1. Oh yes! Boots, definitely!
    It’s Spring here now, and tho’ there are still cool days, I know that very soon, I’ll be wearing the boots one day and be too hot, suffocatingly hot, and it will be time to bid the boots adieu for five or six months. Sigh…

  2. I’ve been visiting your blog for a while now, and always look forward to your beautiful photos and thoughtful writing. I have to agree, boots are a highlight of fall weather… that and scarves!

  3. I love big cardigans! Feels like wearing a blanket as I go about my day.
    We also have had a big shift in our school day and I’d say it’s been positive for us. My school aged kid is a night owl and the change has made it possible to get the kids to go to bed at the same time.

  4. my fave fall clothing item? Definitely my mustard yellow shoes. I’m always looking forward to fall for being able to wear them again 😀

  5. I definitely hoard books, but for now I’m okay with it. The one you’re giving away is one that’s on my list, but I’ve yet to get around to buying it or looking for it at the library. So, I’ll try my chances at your giveaway! I also use the quarantine method since I need the reassurance I can really live without something. My instincts are to hold on to everything. I’m trying though. Well, except with books! As for fall, I love boots, scarves, sweaters, and even my raincoat here in Seattle!

  6. Boots and woolly tights enabling me to wear cute short skirts without looking ridiculous! Love cosy autumn clothing…

  7. My favourite apparel item for autumn is a hat. I bought it on sale in the men’s department of some clothing chain or other at least ten years ago. It looks like it might be my grandfather’s, it’s a classic old-man’s hat in a muted plaid. I love it. I only wear it in autumn because it’s too warm for spring and summer and my ears get cold in winter, so that’s why it’s my favourite item for autumn. (:

  8. My favorite fall item is definitely a nice chunky knitted cardigan. I could live in that!
    And as for my closet: I’ve been doing the “capsule wardrobe” thing for a year now and it’s so refreshing! I’d love to read that book to see how others manage. Fingers crossed!

  9. I like light cardigans. I think they look nice over everything and balance out my outfits. this book looks amazing. I have a lot of things that I like but somehow do not fit into my outfits.

  10. From the look of the cover photo this woman has great taste and this book sounds like a wonderful read! My favorite this fall are high neck sweater dresses and I want to live in them daily. Perfect outfit only one piece to pick 😉 Enjoy your weekend my friend!

  11. My favorite fall items are my black booties- They dress up any outfit. I can wear them with jeans and a buttondown, or a dress/skirt with leggings.

  12. I have a rain poncho my mom gave me 27 years ago. I bring it out every Fall and it feels like warm hug. It has a huge hood (think Hobbits), lined in forest green and a rust outer layer. For all our Seattle rain, it works great! Enjoying your blog…thanks!!
    I guess I could use this book since I tend to hang on to clothes awhile 🙂

  13. Plaid flannel, for sure. Guess you can take the girl out of the nineties but. . . I love her site, and have been meaning to check the book out!

  14. I’ve been thinking of buying this book to be honest! Since I started my new job I’ve had to buy/make quite a few garments (I work with children, but need to dress to an office-professional dress code) but I’ve still got a wardrobe full of extremely casual clothes from my previous life! I’m totally perplexed about making these two separate wardrobes into one, functional, manageably sized one! There is also a storm brewing here in Perth, and despite the fact that it’s meant to be spring here, it will only be 7degrees here tonight! Brrrr! As always I hope you’re keeping well and happy!

  15. I love scarves in autumn. But heading into summer now all I can think about is floaty cotton lovelies!

  16. I love my rain jacket and have a collection of hats that go with it! It makes me feel like I’m going hiking and out for an adventure every time I wear it.
    Do you know that I always find your blog typing “Ikea Blouse”? It was such a brilliant post and the blouse so well done and stylish that I always go there to take a look One day I will make myself a blouse like that! If you work at the pattern I would certainly buy it!

  17. I don’t know if is better to have a sewing book in a ebook form or in a physical copy. I’m a beginner and of course browsing the “real” object is a great pleasure but the ebook can be brought everywhere! Thinking about Christmas vacation at my parents’ house now…..

  18. Yes. Boots. Especially flat boots with cute boot cuffs. Love when fashion is also functional.

    I swear when I’m done having babies I’m donating 75% of my wardrobe. I love getting rid of stuff. But, it’s hard when you know you may fit in the larger (and smaller) sizes within a year.

  19. I don’t know what a capsule wardrobe is; this book might be good for me! I’m going to say something unfashionable and tell you my fav fall thing is a vest, puffer or fleece 🙂

  20. It’s spring here, so I’m going to ignore your conversation starter if you don’t mind. 🙂
    About twenty years ago my parents deconstructed the nest, so to speak, and moved into the centre of the city in a tiny bedsit apartment. It became a huge challenge to know what to give them as gifts, as everything had to be “put” somewhere. So, that first Christmas, I painted them a Black Hole, and gifted them some anti-matter!
    They now live in a big country house and have reaccumulated stuff galore, but the black hole is still framed and hanging!
    Which reminds me, I have something to post to you…. I hope it won’t be clutter 😉

  21. Mmm, favourite fall clothes consist of cocoon coats and jeans. I’d love to cull some of my belongings – like K, my hoarding instinct is strong – but I persevere each change of seasons, out with some old before things get packed away. Thanks for the giveaway!

  22. Weekly posts are lovely. I love fall clothes. I did the opposite of konmari-ing my wardrobe because I started a full time job and needed professional clothes. Since I have not het successfully mastered the FBA I have been doing the next best thing to making my own clothes and buying them from a highend resale shop and it is so fun getting dressed up every day. And I feel like a star in my $15 item that cost someone else upwards of $100. I am with you on the books, but I have had to purge regularly sonce we move regularly and they are heavy. I still have too many and they all spark joy (except the Star Wars ones, but those spark a lot of joy for my boys…). Enjoy time with family!

  23. Thanks for the great giveaway! I wear boots all fall and winter…I probably have way too many!

  24. Favorite stuff for fall: my boots, jeans and suede jacket with a patch I made with 7 hexies. I taught myself to make english paper piercing following a tutorial on Instructables. And a knit shawl in a wonderful green shade.

  25. This is a weird year. 80deg F today in NYC in mid October. My favourite item has got to be a lightweight cardigan – easy to peel on and off as the temperature shifts during the day and to stuff into the handbag.

  26. Having just tried on half a dozen tops and discarded all of them, I’m not sure I like any clothes right now! Normally though, stripey tops is my thing. And scarves :O)

  27. Cozy socks – love to walk around in warm socks without shoes. Just have to be careful not to slip!

  28. Boots and scarves are also my favorite fall wardrobe items! I’m absolutely loving this weather! So excited for fall! I’m really excited about this book, too. I read through the example pages on Amazon and it looks amazing! I’ve definitely been feeling fashion- challenged lately, so hopefully this will help. 🙂

  29. Where I live it can be -32C in winter, but I still love tights/espresso leggings, a wool skirt and high boots. I usually layer a long sleeved briar tee with a cardigan. I just counted the other day-21 briar tees I’ve made and remade. This is my go to pattern to sew quickly.

  30. I miss hearing from you but I am glad you are learning to take downtime. I am trying to find balance myself. I recently have gone back to school full time and have let myself get run down with school and work and everything.

    My favorite thing about fall is leggings!!! I wear them with all my “short” dresses… Boots are also lovely… I’ve been wearing scarves every day to school but that is mostly because the wind blows cold down my neck if I don’t. 🙂
    Thanks for a lovely giveaway!

  31. My closets are in serious need of purging. This book may help me get that done! I like sweaters and look forward to wearing them this fall. Amid my hot flashes, I know I can only handle lightweight ones, but still they are comfortable and cozy!

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