Monday Outfit: A Touch of Midas + Winter Shorts

Good morning! How was your weekend? Mine was great, and I will write a bit more about the Art Walk tomorrow (with some pix!), but today is Monday so I have an outfit to share.

I’ve always admired chic women who can pull off the wool shorts look in the winter. Due to aforementioned stunted legs, I am not an ideal candidate for this fashion trend.

K, however, with her slim physique and long legs, is rocking the cold-weather shorts. I had just enough of this grey/black wool to sew the shorts and not an inch extra. The pattern is from this book, which I love. The pocket flaps and tabs are lovely, and these details step up the stylishness of the shorts. I used mother-of-pearl buttons and I think their opalescent sheen works well with the dark wool.

And I tried my second Figgy’s pattern. The Ayashe blouse is simple and comfortable, and quite sophisticated. I wanted to try the version with the ties instead of the stand-up collar, and the shirt came together pretty easily. I don’t know why, but I always want to use gold with Figgy’s patterns. When I made the Sunki dress, I used a stunning fabric with gold tulips and this time, the cream linen is dotted with embroidered gold floss. A touch of Midas.

I liked the ties loose, rather than in a bow:

And my mom got K this shrug/vest/thing. I think it adds some hilarity to the outfit. Or maybe it looks high fashion?

Yo yo yo, what up?

Here’s the texture of the wool and a close-up of the button – I love them so much.

And K’s second top front tooth is coming out! She’s rocking it back and forth in the most grotesque manner and deriving a lot of pleasure from my groans of disgust.

I’m off to find our tooth fairy pillow…



14 thoughts on “Monday Outfit: A Touch of Midas + Winter Shorts

  1. Winter shorts with tights is one of my favorite looks! My 4 year old can wear the look quite convincingly, but my 9 year old balks at it. Your shorts for K are stunning! Love the great detail of the pockets flaps. Now I’m yearning to put another pattern book on my wish list, while knowing that I should really be sewing more from the ones I already own. And love the Figgy’s top! What amazing fabric! Wherever did you manage to find linen with gold embroidery? I’m telling you – Seattle has it ALL!
    And I”m so eager to hear how the Art Walk went this weekend! Is DryGoods Design as cool of a store as it looks on-line? My husband said to me, “Let me guess – another store you want to go visit next time we’re on the West Coast!” Looking forward to your show review tomorrow!

    1. I am going to be a total enabler and say get the book 🙂 I’ve only made a couple of patterns, but I love the details and the pattern pieces fit perfectly together – I found the Ayashe a little harder to work with because I’m so used to Japanese patterns. The linen with gold embroidery is a prized fabric I’ve had forever and think I got it from Nancy’s Sewing Basket. They don’t have it anymore though :-(.

  2. Oh, so stylish! I agree, shorts with tights in the winter are so so cute on little girls. And now you’ve tempted me with yet another Japanese pattern book, lol, as if I don’t have enough already!

    1. My collection of pattern books is getting quite out of control…but this one’s a really good one, and that’s saying a lot because they’re all great.

  3. stunning! a. (who also has long legs) has some very similar grey wool shorts – if only her mummy could make a blouse like that for them . . .

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