A little wine, some art, beautiful fabric

I had such a wonderful time at the Art Walk! Located in a historically preserved area in Ballard, Drygoods Design is tucked behind a tiny coffee shop and is so very charming. They change their window display frequently and I am loving these clouds with raindrops.

I haven’t figured out how to take indoor nighttime shots, so please bear with these photos…I’m still practicing.

With a lot of vintage and salvaged wood pieces, I’ve said many times that if I ever had a coffee shop/fabric shop + sewing studio combo, this is exactly the kind of place I’d own. The two are actually separate establishments, but work really well together.

A bunch of my friends came to support the show (thank you!!) and there was quite a steady stream of Art Walkers flowing through the space. And though I get minor stage fright being the center of attention, the whole experience was great. Two of the pieces sold in the first hour, which was amazing. I’m so appreciative that I’ll be able to donate something to the Sandy Hook Support Fund! The owner and I are talking about offering up the option of an online sale, but the show will be up for another three weeks so we’ll keep you posted!

I wasn’t able to get decent shots of the sewing studio where I had a couple papercuts since there was a class going on, but I got some okay photos of my textile/painted embroidery canvases and framed watercolor prints. I realize this is still sneak peek-ish, but I want to leave a little bit of a surprise for folks who haven’t checked it out yet…

(I have a mind to sneak in at night and steal that Chesterfield sofa – it’s so cool and comfy.)

The response has been overwhelmingly positive, but to be honest, I was quite distracted by all the amazing fabric that Drygoods has available. I mean, Liberty Tana Lawn!! I am salivating…

Again, if you’re in the Seattle area, I hope you’ll be able to take a peek at my art, and I’ll post any information on making the pieces available for online sale as soon as I can. Special thanks to owner Keli, who was the consummate Art Walk party planner (extra extra thanks since it was her birthday that night!) – she’s a dynamic mover and shaker, and her shop and studio are AWESOME.

8 thoughts on “A little wine, some art, beautiful fabric

  1. Oh Sanae – what a wonderful evening for you and I’m so glad your work was appreciated (and purchased!!). I actually emailed DryGoods after your post last week to ask if they’d consider selling your work on-line, so I’m glad to hear that it’s being discussed:) And I know it’s difficult to be the center of attention during an evening like this (I’ve done a few craft fairs and by far my least favorite part is standing by my wares trying to “promote” them), but your work is so beautiful I’m sure they sold themselves:)
    It’s been a recent dream of mine to open a little fabric shop, much like what I see from DryGoods Design. I’m not nearly business-minded enough, so it will probably never happen, but too bad we didn’t live closer and do it together!

    1. Oh Lucinda, it would be so fun to have a shop together! We would fill it with Japanese Pattern Books and fabulous linen fabrics. What did you sell at craft fairs? I’m sure your products were gorgeous!

      1. My products change all the time, as I find I get bored of making the same thing over and over. This past fall I sold fabric buntings, linen advent calendars and wool felt wall art for kid’s rooms. It’s a good excuse to help justify all the craft purchases:)

    1. Hi Kristin! My show is up until the beginning of February and would love it if you’re able to see some of my handiwork! Drygoods is definitely worth checking out – it’s a small shop but they have a really great selection of fabrics and the sewing studio is so cute!

  2. The art walk sounds like it was amazing! So awesome you had a successful show (and some sales), but can’t say I’m surprised. 🙂 I’d definitely love to come up, though I’m not entirely sure I’ll make it in the next few weeks. But would be fun to hit DGD (and it’s coffee neighbor) and meet up with you. Oh, and I’m pretty sure you NEED some of that Liberty. Treat yourself!

    1. You’re right, Robin, I need that Liberty! 🙂 Yes, let me know if you’re ever in the Ballard area and we’ll enjoy some hot beverages and ogle fabrics!

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