Easy DIY: Wooden Keychains

I have a thing for keychains. I am a firm believer that you can’t have too many keychains in your life, and K has inherited my love of these tchotchkes. I especially love using them as gift tags – they add a utilitarian yet decorative flair to packages.

A while ago, I made a version with silver pleather, but I wasn’t too thrilled with the various methods I tried. Then I spotted these cute wooden tags at a nearby stamp store and knew they were destined to be keychains. Being the one-trick pony that I am, I opted to monogram them. If I’d had more than 30 minutes before hauling the gifts out the door, I would have added some hand-painted elements, but I ended up loving the minimal look.

Because I am clearly spatially challenged, it didn’t occur to me that the jump ring  (the connecting circular piece) would be too small to reach the pre-drilled hole in the tag. With 15 minutes to go, I pulled out my plentiful supply of hemp cords and improvised.

Pictured below are the supplies I used (minus the hemp cord). The tear-shaped stamp pads are by Tsukineko and come in amazing colors and I have about a million different alphabet stamps lying around. They each took about 5 minutes. Next time, I’ll make them fancier, but I’m officially hooked on using these wooden tags!

Wooden tags
Alphabet stamps
Stamp pads
Hemp cord or baker’s twine

1. Stamp wooden tags
2. Tie cord through hole and jump ring
3. Make sure to tighten jump ring (shown below with jump ring open, but realized I didn’t need to do that after the fact).
4. Done!

One thought on “Easy DIY: Wooden Keychains

  1. oh, these are so cute! Never thought to use them as gift tags – a wonderful idea! And love that hemp cord. Impress is a pretty great store – lots of inspiration to be found there!

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