Monday Outfit: That ’70s Girl

Good morning! How was your weekend? Mine was filled to the gills with events, mostly happy but some sad. The sad news is that my mom returned to Los Angeles yesterday and we are bereft. She generously provided over two weeks of homemade healthy, yummy food and constant entertainment (my mom is hilarious). K said morosely, “It feels so empty without her…”

On the happier side, we went to a lovely dinner party, got to catch the King Tut exhibit, and thoroughly enjoyed Lincoln.

More to the point, I also made K her first outfit of 2013. In the spirit of collaboration, I asked K to select a fabric and general style she’d like. She chose flannel. Cute fabric with aqua scallops, but flannel. And wanted a tank top and matching pants. I wasn’t inspired to make what would essentially be pajamas, so we compromised and I stitched up a frilly flannel top and wide-legged denim pants. It’s a bit reminiscent of the ’70s. but I’m digging the look.

She’s wearing the top backwards, and hey, I think it actually looks great that way.

The denim pants are super stylish. Made of beautiful linen/cotton blend (I believe Essex), it looked HUGE when I finished it. I put it against myself to see if I could fit into it, but as it turns out, it’s perfect on her.

Both patterns are from this great book:


And those fabulous orange shoes? A present from Ba-chan (Grandma in Japanese). LOVE THEM. Adds to the overall retro-vibe of the outfit, yes? We miss you, Ba-chan!

9 thoughts on “Monday Outfit: That ’70s Girl

  1. so cute! I like that top in flannel (never would have thought of that)… and those shoes! I’m becoming a bit jealous of K’s wardrobe. 🙂

    1. I would never have thought of flannel either! It was actually a dream to sew, and I so wish those shoes came in my size!!

  2. First of all, Ba-chan has impeccable taste – those shoes are AWESOME!
    And what could be more cozy than a flannel shirt? I think it’s a perfect choice:) Love the color. And those linen pants are so hip! K did a great job in picking out this first outfit of 2013 – you make a good team:)

    1. Ba-chan has great taste, but I must confess that I picked them out and she paid for them…and two other lovely pairs of shoes. Unbelievable, right? The magic of being the only grandchild….

  3. Lovely pants and top, the shoes are just to die for are they Livie and Luca? I want to get a pair for my daughter now, even if it is pretty wintery here in Ontario, Canada right now, but I’m looking forward for spring and spring-summer sewing!!! Well done and can’t wait for you to post about the next outfit!!!

    1. Thanks, Patty! The shoes are by See Kai Run, and my mom and I found them at a 50% off sale here in Seattle (where it is very much winter too :-)). I see that there are some pairs on Zappos and Amazon, and they’re called the “Lauren”.

  4. Omigosh this is SUCH a fantastic outfit! You are pretty much singlehandedly making me yearn to sew something from my Japanese sewing books. I have HHv2 and I’ve never made anything from it! Travesty. LOVE those wide legged pants and the shirt is perfect too.

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