Happy Friday + Art Walk Sneak Peeks

Happy Friday! I’m excited for the art walk next week, though I’m woefully behind. But I have a guest to entertain, so reluctantly (oh-so-reluctantly, I tell you) I went to the spa with my mom yesterday. Have you ever been to a Korean spa? For a relatively low set price (the one we went to was $35 per person), you can lounge around in a variety of rooms in varying temperatures from freezing to scorching hot, or soak in herbal infused baths for the whole day. There are supposed to be oodles of health benefits according to the posted plaques next to each room. If you have OCD tendencies — which I actually have a tiny bit of but I persevered — or are self-conscious about walking about in the buck amongst other women, this is not the place for you. We went to the Olympus Spa, which is tucked behind a convention center in a neglected looking strip mall. That alone might give most people pause, but the facilities are clean, organized and there’s a great restaurant that serves what I assume to be authentic Korean cuisine. My mom and I coordinated so that we were not in the baths at the same time (because let’s face it, it’s a little awkward taking a bath with your mom as an adult).

My mom spent the entire day there; I only stayed for a couple of hours but feel like I fully got my money’s worth and was rejuvenated. They also have body scrubs, massages, and pedi/mani services for an additional fee. I got a glimpse of the body scrub process and it was intense. I won’t go into details but those ladies were rigorously sloughing off every inch of the prone bodies – despite it looking like an arduous experience, it seemed to be a very popular service indeed. I noticed that all the women working there had amazing skin – perhaps they get free in-house scrubs.

Enough spa talk, and here are a few teaser images of the collection of pieces I’m working on (doesn’t that sound fancy? “collection of pieces” – ha). Starting January 12th! Drygoods Design!

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!

3 thoughts on “Happy Friday + Art Walk Sneak Peeks

  1. your sneak peek has me so excited! a little linen, a little cut paper . . . bound to be beautiful!
    glad you had a relaxing few hours – the work can always wait:)

  2. yay yay yay! your stuff looks beautiful, I can’t wait to see the full pieces. I’m so excited for you! glad you were able to get a little relaxation in (from these pics I’m betting your back, shoulders, and hands needed it!) happy weekend, Sanae!

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