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A few months ago, I went to the Folk Life festival for the first time. It’s a music and street food bonanza and a friend was performing so K and I braved the heavy traffic and navigated our way toward the Exhibition hall. A swish and a loud collective gasp from a crowd stopped us in our tracks, and there, standing in the middle, was a juggler.

Now, I’m no juggling expert, but this guy was something special. First of all, he was dressed like Hansel from Grimm’s Fairy Tale (or at least how I imagine Hansel would dress) and he was lobbing massive bowling pins into the air. This youthful man clad in old-timey garb kept a running monologue going throughout his performance, which included adding other objects into the airborne pins — the highlight addition was a child.

K and I stood mesmerized and when he passed around a receptacle for donations, I readily tossed in five bucks. It was worth it. I was also struck by how he emphasized how he’s been practicing for 20 years, starting with little bean bags and working his way up to bigger items. “This is how I make my living folks,” he announced proudly. I was impressed. My husband would probably say it’s B.S. but I believe the juggler — he’s that good.

If he can make a living throwing and catching objects, I can do the same with my various skills, I reasoned. I’m a bit of a juggler myself, what with all this sewing, writing, illustrating and book-making. Remembering the Folk Life incident bolstered me, and I have finally finally worked up the chutzpah to put my little Furoku sidebar button and an explanatory page (it’s somewhat long-winded — I’m working on editing it). It’s a gamble, folks. But I’m willing to keep practicing and evolving.


The giveaway responses are so fun! I especially love the party stories and so far the unbelted look for the dress is winning out.

Your Furoku Six
Will arrive late on Monday
My mojo’s returned

6 thoughts on “Happy Friday + Randomness

  1. What a fun story. And I think I’ll finally enter Furoku. I’m sure you’ll have some wonderful content and I totally want to support you!

  2. YEa! I needed to hear this story today. We all need to keep going and trying. Also wanted to say a big THANK YOU! My hand drawn illustration came in the mail this week and I promptly displayed it on my new bookshelf! Thank you so much!

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