Happy Holidays + Polka Dot Party Dress

Hello! We are in a frenzy here, but in a good way. My mom is visiting from California for a few weeks, and not only do we get to sample her glorious cooking, K gets to practice her budding Japanese language skills. That up there is a little tree in K’s room. The ornaments are about an inch high, and we’ve had them forever.

I made a little party dress. It’s a french-inspired dress from this book. I’ve had this polka dot silk-like fabric in my stash for a while now. It’s probably polyester, but feels very luxurious. Because it was sheer, I fully lined it with some shimmery silver fabric, also from ages ago. Together, the dress is oh so opulent. K is completely in love with it and has not wanted to take it off. I too am smitten with this dress. My life suddenly feels incomplete without a polka dot dress in my wardrobe.

The sparkly purse is from my mom. The navy glitter tights are from Crewcuts.

I also made a bolero sweater out of a black knit streaked with gold filaments. I’m not sure that the shape works perfectly with the dress, but it gives it that fancy factor and again, K loves it so much she refuses to wear the dress without the bolero. The pattern is from this book.

Alright, my friends. We are off to celebrate Christmas and revel in the season. I will be taking a few days off of this here li’l blog to do just that. I’ll be back on Friday with some fun updates. Oh, and thank you to the folks who sent me photography tips! The time of day really makes a difference, but I’m also getting a new camera which I’m so excited about!!!

Wishing you a Christmas filled with peace and joy with loved ones. Happy Holidays!

8 thoughts on “Happy Holidays + Polka Dot Party Dress

  1. well, tell k she looks beautiful in her new party dress. it’s gorgeous, and i bet she loves all the sparklyness. she’s so lucky her grandma is teaching her japanese! can I send c up there so she can learn, too? 😉 sadly joel’s family is too far removed from their japanese heritage to speak it. anyways i hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas, sanae! and have fun with that new camera.

  2. Just stunning! And you’re creating polka dot envy in each one of us:) I can absolutely understand why K is in love with it – must make her feel so grown up and special.
    Congrats on the new camera – what fun for you:)

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