Happy Friday + Monogram Keychains

Happy Friday, friends! So…I’ve been posting sewn outfits regularly on Fridays for the last few months, which I love doing because it’s a great way to end the week, but I’m going to start switching things around here. Goodbye Happy Friday reveals, and hello Monday outfits! I’m pretty excited about the next handmade ensemble –it’s for a Christmas Eve Eve party we’re going to on Sunday, and I want it to be a bit dressy.

Instead of Japanese pattern garments, I have monogram keychains for you today. Made out of silver pleather, I thought they would be fabulous. Well, they’re pretty cool, but still a little flimsy for my taste — perhaps taking only 10 minutes apiece is an indicator that I need to work on these a little more. But they’re almost there, and they look pretty in these photos, I think.

The “S” and “I” are for neighbor friends, who are like sisters to K. They are a year older than K and though not super girly, they would definitely appreciate some silver pleather. Once I have the kinks worked out, I’ll post a little tutorial. They are so easy to make! K thinks they are the bee’s knees.

The week doesn’t feel complete without showcasing some kind of sewing project, so here’s the much adored pink penguin backpack I made last year. K used this for summer camp, and let me tell you, it was a sensation. I had several girls asking me if I would make them one too.

It’s from the same book that I used for the polar bear hat. Love oliver + s! It’s a little too small for every day school use, but very handy for weekend outings.

I can’t believe Christmas is next Tuesday! I will be sewing until the last second, I believe…I haven’t even gotten all the supplies for the tipi I planned to make. Ah, it reminds me of college and cramming for exams the night before. I was known as the queen of all-nighters, but I hope it doesn’t come to that. Have a merry weekend, all!

4 thoughts on “Happy Friday + Monogram Keychains

  1. I simply love your version of the much-loved O & S penguin backpack – your design aesthetic is so clearly evident in your fabric choices, which of course look just beautiful together! I made the same one for my daughter for preschool this past fall, and am glad there’s not any homework in preschool, as the backpack size wouldn’t allow for much!
    Those keychains are the perfect gift for girls of all ages – even the “girly” ones! Looking forward to your tutorial, and also to Monday outfits!

  2. i adore that bookbag pattern and have had it on my to sew list forever. i love your version! very cute keychains as well. i am also the queen of procrastination 🙂 i always say i work better with a little bit of pressure. merry christmas!

  3. The keychains are the perfect presents for little girls! And that penguin backpack, I love it. You chose the perfect fabrics! Sounds like you have a busy few days ahead of you- good luck getting everything finished! And here’s to no all-nighters. 🙂 happy weekend, Sanae!

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