Another nani IRO mini-dress


I wasn’t quite prepared for how drained I would be after turning in my manuscript. I’ve been somewhat functional and have been managing to get chores and the absolute necessities done, but my brain is foggy and I have this odd floaty sensation in my extremities as if they’ll drift away without my permission. On Monday night, K and I went to an ice cream social at her school, and I sat immobilized by the monkey bars, staring out at the popsicle-licking, vanilla-scoop-chomping crowd. My Its-it ice cream sandwich melted in my hand as my glazed eyes took in the bustle of sugar-amped kids, the chatty adults and the DJ working his aural magic with a laptop and compact speakers (my elementary school never had DJs at events – is this a Pacific Northwest, modern-age thing?). I actually took a nap a few days ago, and I haven’t had one of those in at least three years. And before that? I don’t think I’d ever napped. My mom says sleep wasn’t in my repertoire.

What does any of this have to do with the rather gorgeous little dress, you may be wondering? Absolutely nothing. Let’s face it, I just wanted something pretty up on my blog while I kickstart my brain back into gear.


This was another dress I made for a friend’s daughter, and I love love love this fabric with the complicated name of Nani IRO Kokka Fuccra: rakuen from my beloved Miss Matatabi. It’s double-gauze and lovely in every way. You might recognize the pattern. Different recipient, but same size, same dress style. I know, I’m starting to sew the same pattern over and over, which is unusual for me. At least I get to prove that fabric choice completely changes the look and feel. And hey, I sewed on snaps instead of buttons. Charting new territories, I am.

I feel another uncontrollable need for a nap…More on Friday!

P.S. I’ll be participating in Nani IRO month in a couple of weeks, and I’m drooling over the new line of fabrics at Miss Matatabi…

P.P.S. One last thing: if you’re in the Seattle/Eastside area, I have a story time scheduled at University Book Store Bellevue tomorrow morning. Fun!

15 thoughts on “Another nani IRO mini-dress

  1. You know that I am in love with these little dresses! I do a lot of different sewing for my tiny charity, but the most fun of all for me is to make pretty little dresses. Although I do make small dresses and use Nano Iro sometime, I have never used this fabric. And I think that I should! I know that your life will feel more like normal soon. I also loved K’s recital dress yesterday. Such a talented model.

    1. This fabric is a great one, Greta! And K is a natural model – it’s always fun to see what poses she’ll come up with :-). I’m already starting to feel better — I think this heat wave added to everything and knocked me out!

  2. So cute, I wish I had taken up sewing when my two girls were a lot younger so I could have sewn cute tiny dresses for them!

    1. I’m finding that there are always little girls around to sew for, Karen :-). I miss the teeny tiny sizes I used to sew for K, and making these extra small outfits for friends’ daughters is a nice consolation :-).

  3. LOVE that fabric! It reminds me of a dress I had when I was younger. Unusually for my Mum, she let me wear a man-made fibre, which makes me think the dress was a present from my grandma. Happy memories!

    Am sure your energy will come back !


    1. Whoever got you the dress when you were little had fabulous taste, Jenny! There’s something about little dresses that really evoke memories, don’t you think? Thank you — my energy is slowly but surely returning. 🙂 xo

  4. The dress is so so adorable – it makes me want to learn to sew so I can sew my daughter (who is 2) such cute dresses (and this is saying a lot as putting buttons on is a big feat for me)! If you have any tips on books or classes to learn how to sew, please let me know. Thanks!

    1. It was so nice to meet you Maki! Thanks so much for coming all the way out to the reading :-). I’ll have to have a think about which are my favorite beginner’s sewing books. I learned from Japanese sewing books mostly, and lately there are a lot available in English. As I’ve mentioned, I’ve heard a lot of people rave about Dana Made It’s basic skirt, which seems like a great entry point. More later! Thanks!

      1. It was great to meet you too Sanae. Thanks for the encouragement and the Dana Made it skirt tip. I have bought some fabric and am ready to start my first sewing project! Excited but also anxious. 🙂

  5. Not a napper? Oh Sanae – it’s one of life’s little luxuries, and it’s free!:) My mom was always big on the theory that a nap could cure many ills, and so we were always encouraged to take one. To this day, my husband and I each get a Sunday afternoon nap after church which is pretty sacrosanct – and to be honest, I look forward to it all week:)
    Love that you’re sewing for others, and that you’re generous enough to use such amazing fabric! Even though they may not know that it’s Nani Iro fabric, surely they will recognize it’s something pretty special and feel the love behind it:)
    Hope your book store reading went well today!

    1. The good thing about such little dresses is that not much fabric is needed, so it doesn’t feel too extravagant to use Nani Iro :-). I think my friend liked it, and I hope her daughter does too! Thanks, Lucinda!

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